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Calm your Anxious Child with Lavender Eye Pillows

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Help your Child Create Calm with Fun Star Shaped Eye Pillows

Adults aren’t the only ones with stress in their lives! Kids feel stress too, and need to calm their minds after a long school day. Use these lavender scented eye pillows for the anxious child. Plus, they’re adorable and they smell fantastic!

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Get the supplies in one place here.

1/4 yard fabric of your choice. I chose a flannel with a fun design.

2 T Dried Lavender

2 T Flax Seed

Embroidery Floss in a color that compliments the fabric (optional)

Sewing Supplies

Star Shaped Cookie Cutter

Crayon or Fabric Marker



Lay your fabric pattern side down, with the wrong side facing up. Use the cookie cutter to trace four stars with your crayon. Cut out the four stars. Place two of the stars right side together and pin, repeat with the second set of stars. Hand sew, or use your sewing machine to stitch around the edges of the stars, 1/4″ from outside edges. Leave an opening of about 1.5″ to turn the fabric. Turn each star so that the right sides of the fabric are facing out. Use a small spoon to fill the eye pillows with equal parts dried lavender and flax seed. Close the opening with a slip stitch or tuck the open seams in and sew around the edges of the star with embroidery floss.



When it’s time to calm your anxious child, have them lay down and place the stars over their eyes. Lavender is know to soothe anxiety and create calm. Have your child focus on their breathing or turn on soft music for them to listen to while they relax.

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  1. I never would have thought to use a cookie cutter as a fabric pattern! My world has been expanded, LOL. The girls are going to love these and pairing this with the lavender plant right outside my back door, I think I’ll teach the kids to sew these themselves. They’ll love it! Thanks so much for linking up to the Sunshine Life Link Up! This is a fantastic project!

  2. I have a child that has a hard time settling down and falling asleep at night. I wonder if these would help? He probably would not put them over his eyes, but maybe nearby. Thanks for sharing at Made for Kids!

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