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DIY Fall Home Decor 5 Minute Craft Idea

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DIY harvest decoration! Pumpkin topiary craft supplies from the dollar store and craft takes less than 5 minutes! Make a beautiful diy fall centerpiece.

5 Minute Craft Idea DIY Fall Home Decor

Fall home decor isn’t something I put a lot of thought into after Halloween. I’ve turned to inexpensive diy harvest decor to bridge the gap between jack-o-lanterns and snowmen. This dollar store pumpkin stack decoration is a cute addition to harvest home decor, and the supplies cost me less than $5.

When choosing pumpkins for this craft try to choose ones that are similar in size and shape or that are slightly different in size from large to small. I chose pumpkins with green and yellow because I was ready to move from the bright orange of the Halloween season, so get creative and coordinate with your own home decor!

This pumpkin topiary diy could also be made with larger pumpkins and strong glue. I linked the basic supplies I used for a smaller topiary below. I purchased my supplies from the local dollar store and I think it turned out pretty well for $3 worth of pumpkins!




diy harvest decor


How to make a DIY Harvest Decor Pumpkin Topiary

  1. Remove the stems from two of the pumpkins. I was able to pull the stems off easily with my hands.
  2. Add glue to the top of one stemless pumpkin, and place the second stemless pumpkin directly on top of the glue. If your pumpkins are different sizes, be sure the largest pumpkin is on the bottom and the smallest on the top. If your pumpkins are different in color, alternate like colors.
  3. Add glue to the top of the second stemless pumpkin and place the third pumpkin, with stem, directly on top of the glue. Let dry.

diy harvest decor


That’s it! You have a beautiful fall decoartion to use as part of a centerpiece or as an addition to to a fall mantel for less than $5 and less than 5 minutes time!


diy harvest decor


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