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Have a Tea Party with Fancy Nancy the Musical

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Fancy Nancy the Musical

Have a Tea Party with Fancy Nancy the Musical

I recently received a copy of Fancy Nancy the Musical on cd in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own.

My kids are really into music. With two dancers in the family they know current songs and classic songs, but there are times where I forget to introduce them to popular theatre songs. It’s not a surprise that when I opened the Fancy Nancy the Musical cd out of the case to put in our car cd player my preschool-ages daughter was thrilled. My two older boys were not.

The songs are from the off-broadway show Fancy Nancy the Musical, based on pupular children’s book character Fancy Nancy. Through the songs we learn of how important Nancy thinks it is to be fancy (tiaras, tea parties, big words) and how she hopes to be cast as a mermaid in a school play. Her dissappointment shows through the music when she finds out she will play the part of a tree.

Nancy learns to feel fancy even as an “ordinary” tree and with a few character changes the play is a success. There’s even a “Shark Rap” that my Kindergarten aged son almost got into. Almost. I think seeing this musical on stage would be something all my kids would enjoy but with the tiaras, pretty dress and teach party references, my boys were having none of it.

Most of the songs are catchy and if the musical comes to our area we’ll definitely be seeing it.



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