Confident, happy learners

in just 25 minutes a day

Engage your first grader with learning delight while building a solid academic foundation (that they'll enjoy getting)!

Just print & go with this complete 9-month First Grade Curriculum (start any time!).


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"Now I know I will succeed in helping my child succeed. This took all the guess work out. Everything I need is right here. Thank you so much!!!"

Enjoy these days with your kids, filled with play and learning, confident you're doing your part to prepare them for what's next.

Take a peek at just how easy that is when you have this already planned-for-you curriculum! Simply print and get started right away.

preview of first grade week 1
a look into week one and month one unit study
preview into month 7

Please note: this is a digital product for you to download; no physical product will be mailed to you.

five stars

This is so perfect for moms like me who don't want to have to plan ahead or worry about things before it's time to do them.

I just look at the lesson plan and we do the next activity. Love

-Danielle, mom of 5

first grade binder mockup

Your child will learn:

  • Sight Words
  • Nouns
  • Adjectives
  • Verbs
  • Tenses
  • Numbers 1-150
  • Math Families
  • Finding the Missing Number
  • Animal Biomes
  • Continents
  • World Cultures
  • Writing Sentences
  • ...and so much MORE!
  • PLUS: It's all laid out simply for you, one month at time with weekly lesson plans. Over 800 pages of learning activities!

Please note: this is a digital product for you to download; no physical product will be mailed to you.

five stars

"Wow! I was nervous about buying a digital curriculum, but this is totally easy to use!"

-Brenda, new homeschooling mom

first grade binder mockup

Give your kids the confidence to keep learning!

A solid educational foundation, laid with engaging worksheets and intentional activities, is how you raise strong learners

(without the stress of an overwhelming, expensive, worksheet-heavy, all-day curriculum).

Please note: this is a digital product for you to download; no physical product will be mailed to you.

five stars

"We're having so much fun together!
I love that there are a variety of activities each week so it doesn't get too repetitive and how easy it is to print and use."

-Karen, work-at-home mom of 2

Lisa from The Moments At Home

As a homeschooling mom of 8 , I know just how important learning is...and how much better it is when it's FUN and SIMPLE!

Enter this Planned-For-You First Grade's exactly what I was searching for all those years ago when we first started our home education journey and what I've created for the rest of it.

You should be spending your time enjoying your kids, not running around trying to figure out how to get them loving grade school. That part should be easy...and now it is!

In just 25 minutes a day you can make sure your child has a comprehensive foundation that will have them ready for kindergarten with this clearly laid out curriculum.

***Please note: this is a digital product for you to download; no physical product will be mailed to you.***


What ages is this for?

This is intended for first grade aged children, generally ages 5-6, although we've had parents tell us they use our curriculums with mixed age groups. We also have ESL teachers in more than a dozen countries using The Moments At Home curriculum for their kids. So take a peek at the page samples above and gauge if your child is ready for it.

Can I use this with more than one child?

Your license is for one family or one class, and you can use it for as many kids as you have.

Will I receive any physical products in the mail?

This is a digital product that you'll receive via email. You will NOT receive anything in the mail. We recommend The Homeschool Printing Company for high quality, fabulously low priced printing.

You can also use these files on a tablet with a PDF app like GoodNotes. Many parents tell us their kids love using it this way, and they can do it over and over again for extra practice.

Will I have to buy supplemental materials?

We've done our absolute best to keep this as simple as it gets and do activities that use things you'll already have on hand (scissors, glue sticks, play dough). However, we also recommend making regular use of your local library and reading aloud to your child often!

If your state requires social studies, you may want to add additional resources for this subject.

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