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When is the Right Time to Get Healthy?

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Is there a right time to make healthy lifestyle changes? This has some good tips for getting started!

When is the Right Time to Get Healthy?

When is the right time to get healthy? Is this really a question? It’s been something I’ve contemplated for a couple years now. I’ve tried the Shakeology, the PiYo workout program, and signed up for online fitness tracking sites. I can’t complain about a single one; they just didn’t work. Why? Because it wasn’t the right time. I wasn’t ready to commit to change.

I’m not going to lie today and say that I’m fully on board with daily exercise and 100% healthy eating now either. But I’m going to try and that’s the first step right?

Why Do you Want Change?

This is such an important question, don’t you think? If you don’t have reason for change then it’s probably not going to happen. My personal reasons include feeling healthier, raising my energy levels, and feeling a little more self-love. I want to teach my kids how to live a healthy lifestyle. I also think a healthier lifestyle will reduce my feelings of stress and anxiety. It’s worth a shot right?

Steps Towards Change

Jumping right in without a plan can work for a while, but if you know me at all, I’m a planner. Here is a quick breakdown of steps you can take to create change in your life.

  • Decide what motivates you to make healthy lifestyle changes.
  • Create small steps that will lead you to those goals.
  • Decide how those steps will fit into your current lifestyle to lead you to a healthier lifestyle.
  • Start taking those steps towards change.


My plan for setbacks is to keep going. I’m not going to be hard on myself about this because then it will be a stressful, intimidating, chore to keep reaching for my healthier lifestyle.

I’m also going to plan to cheat on my daily steps toward fitness. I’m going to reward myself every once and a while with fast-food, a donut for breakfast, and all that other food I eat way too much of these days. I’m hoping that if I set that food reward for a week or two out, I’ll be motivated to eat healthy leading up to the reward.

Don’t Give it All Up!

I will not-I cannot-give up my coffee. I love Starbucks coffee and home-brewed coffee with creamer. I won’t be adding them to my “don’t eat/drink” list. No way.

Keeping at this is all about making it as pain-free as possible. I may reduce the amount of Starbucks white chocolate peppermint mochas I consume, but I won’t put a limit on my coffee intake.

Week One Goals:

Here’s my plan to get healthy for this week. What’s yours?

  • Cardio x3
  • Healthy Breakfast x7
  • Healthy Lunch x5
  • Healthy Dinners x6
  • Water Intake 48oz. x7

I’ll check back in next week-keep me accountable!



Thanks for sharing - You're awesome!

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  1. So excited to hear about your journey! I have also taken a few steps to getting a bit more healthy this year. I have to admit, I struggle with the motivation of cardio/exercising!

  2. I loved the style of your writing. I’d like to follow your posts. Subscribe me please. I didn’t see an option to do that here. I’ll check out your Pinterest

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