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The Ultimate Gift Guide for Kids

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The Ultimate 2016 Gift List for Kids

Here it is, my top picks for kids for this year all in one place! If you’ve seen my other gift guides you know I usually group gifts by age, but for the first time ever I’m writing one gift guide that has gift options for all ages. Be sure to check out my other age specific gift guides for even more great gift ideas. Are you ready for this? Here goes!

My Top Picks in Gifts for Kids this Holiday Season

Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Let’s start with stocking stuffers. I know several families who exchange stocking stuffers at holiday gatherings. If you’re looking fo ideas to add to your child’s list to Santa, these are my favorite stocking stuffers for kids.

Kwik Stix Mess Free Paint Sticks

Kwik Stix are glue stick sized solid tempera paint sticks that are perfect for all ages. They’re non-toxic and dry in 90 seconds. I let even my youngest kids use these paints without the worry of a mess. Even my child’s teacher uses Kwik Sticks in her classroom! You can buy them at Target stores, Pencil Grip, and here.


Travel Spirograph Playset

Spirograph playsets have withstood the test of time and are still popular gifts for kids. I recommended the deluxe spirograph kit in my tween gift guide but this is a perfect alternative that fits nicely inside a stocking. I love the built in design ring because it makes creating designs easier than ever!


Slinky Walking Spring Toy

Yes, a slinky. I have yet to meet a person who didn’t enjoy the simplicity of receiving a slinky. This retro stocking stuffer is still a favorite!


Spot It

We started with the classic Spot It game and loved the fast paced ispy like card game. Now you can get virtually any theme for all age ranges. On our list to try is Spot It Alphabet and Spot It Sports. There’s even a mini-holiday themed Spot It!

Gift Wrapped and Under the Tree

Here are my picks for the best gifts for kids that can be wrapped and put under the tree. Ive included one for each age group from baby to tween.

Top Gift for Babies

TOMY Hide and Squeak Eggs

No batteries needed for this cute sorting activity. Learn shape sorting by putting the eggs into their own carton spot. The toy eggs have six different face and shell combinations and make a fun chirping noise when pressed.

Top Gift for Preschoolers

Duplo Blocks

Okay, so I had a hard time narrowing it down to just one set. We started with the Duplo books which are cute kits that come with enough blocks to build the characters in the story. We next bought the Duplo box, which is what I’m recommending as my top gift for preschoolers. It comes with enough blocks for several different projects along with 2 child figures, some animals and a vehicle.

Top Gift for Young Kids

Quixels 3D

Shape and create in 3D with this fun set! 3D objects are made using a layer by layer system and bind together with water. We have the Quixel Turbo Dryer which is a fun addition to any Quixel set.

Top Gift for Tweens

Crystal Growing Kit

Kids in the 9-12 year old age span are really interested in hands on learning and crystal growing is both exciting and simple. Will little adult guidence kids can start their own science experiment and see fast results. There are several kids to choose from and I’ve narrowed it down to three cool kits I think kids would love. 4m Crystal Growing Experiment, Star Wars Light Saber Crystals, and Grow Your Own Crystal Jewelry.

Gifts to Splurge on this Holiday Season

Gifts to splurge on is a short list of gifts inspired by the big Santa gift kids love to recieve each year. I know many kids who would love to wake up to these on Christmas morning!

Young Kids

Kindle Kids Bundle

I can’t say enough good things about the Amazon Kindle. My kids use theirs for reading, learning apps, and streaming their favorite kids shows. The device allows for customized parental controls such as web browser blocking and password protected purchases. The best thing about Amazon’s Kindle for Kids is that Amazon will replace a broken one no matter how it broke!


Cozmo-a real life robot

Cozmo is a best selling toy this year and if you’re planning to order, do it early! Features include: a one-of-a-kind personality that evolves the more you hang out and real emotions in response to your actions. Cozmo requires a free app downloaded on your smart phone or tablet.


Honerable Mentions: It’s hard to choose just one for each age group, so here are a few suggestions for more great gifts for kids!

Razor A Kick Scooter

Minecraft Stop Motion Movie Creator

American Girl Wellie Wishers Doll

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