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Magical Holidays with Package from Santa

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Make magical memories with a Package from Santa! #Chrsitmas

Magical Holidays with Package from Santa

I reviewed package from Santa in exchange for product, all opinions are my own.

I love holidays. There’s something about the decorating, planning, wrapping, and yes, even the music, that brightens the winter months. This year I discovered a new way to add magic to Christmas for kids. Package from Santa offers letters and phone calls from Santa, all customized for your kids.

The Package from Santa

I spent time online setting up the fully customizable letter and family information, then waited for the letter. I really had no idea what to expect when I opened the mailbox. The letter was a cheerful envelope addressed to my kids and postmarked from the North Pole! I ended up letting our elves sit with the letter and surprise the kids when they woke up. It was an exciting morning for sure!

My kids tore into the envelope to find a flight plan showing Santa’s path to our house, a letter that not only included my kids names, but also bits of information that made it seem that Santa really did know them, and a nice list certificate.

The Nice List Certificate

Included in our package from Santa was a certificate showing that my kids are all on Santa’s nice list. Next year I’ll hold on to the certificate until closer the Christmas because my kids took this bit of information as meaning they no longer had to be good for our elves. 馃檪

A Package for Everyone

I ordered a package that included a letter from Santa, flight plan, photo of Santa and his elves, plus a few other goodies. But that’s not all that’s available! You can upgrade for a larger package, and you can even have Santa call your kids on the phone!

I can’t wait until next year when our elves will bring another Package from Santa!

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