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College Alternative: Praxis Review

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College Alternative: Praxis Review

I started at a community college the fall after I graduated. Unsure of my future career gaols I took classes in just about everything. Communications, archaeology, watercolor painting, psychology…the list goes on and on. I also worked at a grocery store making close to minimum wage. I finally took a break from college after only a few semesters returning years later to complete my degree. I recently learned about Praxis, a post high school program that includes a paid apprenticeship. Praxis would have been a good option for me during that year after high school when I wasn’t sure of my career goals.

The Program

The Praxis program is a nine month career boost that includes a three month long bootcamp and a six month paid apprenticeship at a start up company. There really aren’t many requirements for joining the program which makes it a good option for kids just leaving high school. Praxis doen’t require any degree or a high school diploma for joining the program. Homeschooled teens would be good fit for Praxis because they can start the program early without their high school diploma in hand.

Praxis Bootcamp

The first three months of the Praxis program is what they call their “bootcamp.” During this time you’ll create a personal brand; a must for any entrepreneur. You’ll also get one-on-one coaching with a program advisor.


Praxis places you with a successful start-up company for a paid apprenticeship for six months. During the apprenticeship you’ll shadow start-up company ceos, complete self-directed projects and have access to one-on-one professional coaching. When the six months are over you’ll be offered a paid position with the company. You can take the job, find a different job, or start your own company with the skills you’ve learned.

Program Fees

When I learn about programs like Praxis the first question I ask is how much it will cost? The apprenticeship program pays $14,400 for the six months, and the program costs $12,000. You can use your apprenticeship to pay for the program with the available payment options.

The average salary for those that complete the program and take the job they’re offered is $50,000 per year. The nine month “Student to Startup” program makes a good option for kids close to graduating high school, those who have completed high school and are taking a year off before going to college, or young entrepreneurs.


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