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End of the Year Teacher’s Gift Silly Stories

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End of the Year Teacher’s Gift Printable

My kids are almost out of school for the summer which means it’s also teacher gift time. I’m usually scrambling to find the four thoughtful gifts that will show each of my children’s teachers just how special they are and to thank them for the school year. This year I’ve come up with a fun (and inexpensive) gift that show the personality of each child the teachers have come to know over the course of the year. These three printable silly stories are fun and funny to give as an end of the year gift for teachers.

How to use this Printable Story

  • Begin by downloading the free printable teacher’s gift. Click the button below to download and save the file to your computer.
  • Once you’ve saved the stories to your computer you can choose which of the three to print. All three fill-in-the-blank stories are unique.
  • Print your selected stories and hand them over to your kids to let them color the borders with markers or crayons.
  • Once they’ve colored in the borders you can sit with them and start filling in the blanks in the story. Older kids can do this on their own but it is more fun if they don’t have the printable in front of them. Each blank space has a word under it to let your child know what to put in the blank. Sometimes older kids can’t resist reading the sentences before filling in the blanks. The random words chosen for the blanks make for a very funny story!
  • Go through each blank in the story and fill in the words. Then read the story out loud for some laughs.
  • Kids can give the silly story teacher’s gift to their teacher on the last day of school. If you like to add something a little more, teachers love gift cards. But I think this story is a great gift all on its own!

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Fill-in-the-Blank Silly Story Teacher's Gift! Cute printable to give as an end of the year teacher's gift that lets your child's personality shine through!#teachersgift

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