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5 Best Books About Color for Preschoolers

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Just yesterday, I was knee-deep in a mountain of crayons with my 3-year-old.

There we were, creating a masterpiece (or a slightly coordinated scribble, to be honest).

Midway through our ‘art session’, she looks at me with those bright eyes and asks,

“Why is the sky blue?”

Well, talk about being put on the spot, right?

As I struggled to explain color to a preschooler, I realized something colors are everywhere in their world!

They’re like these magical elements that brighten up their day and make learning exciting!

But how do you find the right resources to introduce them to this vibrant world of colors?

child reading book under rainbow of books

How do you make it fun, engaging, and perfect for their age?

Choosing the best color books for preschoolers might sound simple.

But believe me, it’s a task that can leave you lost in a rainbow whirl.

But hey, that’s what we’re here for, right?

To find the perfect color companions for your little ones!

Trust me; there’s something incredibly satisfying about watching those little faces light up when they finally recognize a color in their book.

And, if I’m being totally transparent here – aren’t those ‘a-ha’ moments what we live for?

So grab your paintbrushes (or maybe just your reading glasses ), and let’s get into it.

Here’s a colorful list of the 5 best books about color for preschoolers.

5 Best Books About Color for Preschoolers

Introducing colors to preschoolers is an essential part of their early education.

It not only stimulates their creativity and cognitive skills but also fosters their understanding of the world.

One of the best ways to engage young children in learning colors is through color-themed books that are fun, interactive, and tailored for their age group.

These books not only teach about colors but also help their overall language development and comprehension.

I’ve put together a list of the 5 best books about color for preschoolers that will spark your little one’s imagination and help them learn about colors!

The Color Monster: A Story About Emotions

Books about color

I believe The Color Monster is an excellent choice for teaching preschoolers about emotions and colors in a fun and engaging way.


  • Beautifully illustrated
  • Addresses various emotions
  • Interactive elements to engage children


  • Simplistic explanation of emotions
  • Some questions from kids left unanswered
  • Durability concerns with pop-up parts

The Color Monster is an innovative book that combines emotions with colors, making it easier for young children to understand their feelings

I recently read this book with my child, and it charmed both of us with its captivating illustrations and creative approach to discussing emotions.

The book cleverly associates each emotion with a specific color, helping preschoolers grasp the concept more effortlessly. As I turned each page with my little one, we found the interactive elements, such as separating colors into little jars, to be quite engaging.

It sparked exciting conversations about our emotions, providing an excellent platform for kids to express themselves.

So, we’re being honest here, right?

Now, don’t get me wrong, “The Color Monster” is pretty awesome, but there are a couple of little hiccups along the way.

You know how kids ask the toughest questions sometimes, right?

Well, there were moments when my little one threw me a curveball about feelings that I thought the book could’ve knocked out of the park a bit better.

And let’s talk about those pop-up bits!

Oh, they are super fun and all, but durability… that’s another story.

If your kid loves the book as much as mine did, those pop-ups are gonna get a good workout, which means a little wear and tear.

Yes, even our beloved books aren’t immune to the enthusiasm of tiny hands!

Now, don’t let these tiny bumps on the road put you off.

Despite these little quirks, “The Color Monster” still gets my thumbs-up! 👍

It spins a rainbow of emotions into a tale that’s as delightful as it’s insightful.

With those vivid illustrations and the cool, interactive storytelling, this one is definitely a keeper in your little one’s library.

The Color Monster: A Pop-Up Book of Feelings

The Color Monster: A Pop-Up Book of Feelings

I highly recommend this book for teaching kids about emotions using colors and awesome pop-up illustrations.


  • Engaging pop-up illustrations
  • Effective emotion-color association
  • Suitable for 2-4-year-old children


  • A bit pricey
  • Limited range of emotions covered
  • Requires careful handling due to intricate pop-ups

I recently read “The Color Monster: A Pop-Up Book of Feelings” with my child, and I was truly impressed by how captivating it was.

Not only did the book look stunning, but it also conveyed the concept of emotions and feelings in a way that my child could understand easily.

The core strength of this book lies in its interactive nature, with beautifully done pop-up illustrations.

The color monster represents various emotions through different colors, which helps kids understand feelings better while having fun with the vivid and playful pop-ups.

When I read this with my little one, she instantly became engaged and started exploring the pop-ups and connecting colors with emotions.

However, there are a few minor drawbacks to this book. For one, it is a bit pricey compared to other books.

Secondly, the book covers a limited range of emotions, which might restrict the emotional learning of children up to a certain extent.

Finally the intricate nature of the pop-ups requires that the book be handled carefully by children, as it could easily be damaged if not handled with care.

Despite these shortcomings, I believe “The Color Monster: A Pop-Up Book of Feelings” is a valuable and entertaining teaching tool for young children.

It offers a fun and interactive way for kids to learn about emotions and connect them with colors.

If you are looking for a book that helps teach your preschooler about feelings in a visually captivating way, this book is a great addition to their library.

All About Weather: A First Weather Book for Kids

All About Weather

Cue the drumroll… Let’s dive into “All About Weather: A First Weather Book for Kids,” a veritable book of knowledge for the little weather enthusiasts in our lives.

Why am I so excited about it?

Well, imagine having the best weatherman in town over for a cup of tea, sharing all his meteorological wisdom in the simplest terms.

That’s exactly what this book feels like.

It’s full of fascinating tidbits, explained in a way that your tiny tot can wrap their head around.

Plus, the visual delights on each page is amazing.

Now, for the pros.

What had my little one and me captivated from the get-go were the captivating illustrations.

It’s like diving into a vibrant world where each weather phenomenon is its own character.

This book covers the weather spectrum in living color and easy-peasy language, from fluffy clouds to dancing raindrops.

However, there are a few minor hiccups.

For one, the book isn’t the sturdy board book some parents might prefer for rough and tumble reading sessions.

And although it’s ideal for kiddos aged 2-5, it might be a touch advanced for the littlest ones.

But hey, isn’t it great when a book can grow with your child?

Lastly, you might feel the book’s a smidge on the short side.

But you know what they say; sometimes, the best things come in small packages.

So, my final word? “All About Weather: A First Weather Book for Kids” is a winner

If you’re looking for a fun, interactive way to introduce your kid to the whirlwind world of weather, this just might be the boo for you.

How the Crayons Saved the Rainbow

How the Crayons Saved the Rainbow

I highly recommend How the Crayons Saved the Rainbow for young children because of its colorful illustrations, simple yet engaging story and important message about friendship and cooperation.

We have these brave little crayons working tirelessly to restore a lost rainbow. 😍 Talk about a mission!

You see, a disagreement between Mr. Sun and Mrs. Cloud led to a rainbow-less world, but our crayon buddies weren’t having any of that.

The pros

  • The artwork is top notch
  • The plot will keep your little one engaged.
  • It’s a masterclass in teaching important values like teamwork and friendship.

In my experience, though, the book is not quite right for the older kiddos; it’s a dream for the preschool crowd and kids aged 3-5.

Ultimately, “How the Crayons Saved the Rainbow” is a keeper. A tale of unity, friendship, and the power of perseverance.

ABCs of Art (Sabrina Hahn’s Art & Concepts for Kids)

ABCs of Art

I believe this book is an excellent choice for preschoolers as it combines learning the alphabet with appreciation for classic art.


  • Engaging alphabet lessons
  • Introduction to classic works of art
  • High-quality, durable construction


  • Some images might be too ‘grown up’ for younger readers
  • Limited to certain artists and artwork
  • May require adult assistance for full discussion of art pieces

When I first picked up this book for my preschooler, I was immediately impressed by the colorful and engaging presentation.

The combination of learning the alphabet and exploring classic works of art not only made the experience enjoyable but also educational.

Each page is dedicated to a letter of the alphabet, paired with a famous artwork representing that letter.

As we went through the book together, I noticed that the selection of artists and artwork was a little limited, focusing primarily on western and well-known art.

However, it still provided a solid introduction to the world of art for my young child. One thing I would recommend for parents or teachers using this book is to be prepared to assist with discussions about the art pieces.

Some images, like Klimt’s “The Kiss,” might require contextual explanations for younger readers.

The book itself is well-made, featuring durable pages and a fabric cover with 3D lettering.

I felt confident that it could withstand my preschooler’s curiosity and handling. After reading through this book several times, I can confidently say that it is an excellent addition to any preschooler’s library and a unique way to introduce them to both the alphabet and the world of classic art.

Buying Guide

When I’m looking for the best books about color for preschoolers, I always consider a few key factors to ensure the book will engage, educate, and entertain.

Here are some things I pay attention to when choosing a great book:


I check the recommended age range to ensure the book suits preschoolers.

Books with simple language, clear illustrations, and relatable examples work best for this age group.


In my opinion, pictures are just as crucial as text when it comes to teaching colors for preschoolers.

I look for books that feature clear, vivid, and attractive illustrations that are easy for young children to understand.

Educational Content

For me, a book’s educational content must be clear and accurate.

I ensure it teaches primary, secondary, and even tertiary colors depending on the child’s age and understanding.

Interactive Elements

It’s been my experience that interactive elements like lift-the-flaps, pop-ups, or touch-and-feel parts can make learning colors more enjoyable for preschoolers. I look for books that incorporate these features in an engaging and age-appropriate way.


Since preschoolers can be rough on their books, I prefer those made of durable materials, such as board books or books with thick pages that can withstand constant handling and possible spills.

When choosing the best books about color for preschoolers, I always consider these features to ensure the book fosters a love for learning while being enjoyable and age-appropriate.

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Wrapping Up

These books, they’re not just pages filled with splashes of colors, they’re keys unlocking imagination and curiosity in those tiny, bright minds.

Always remember, the most magical childhood memories are woven from threads of storytimes.

So, go ahead, keep turning those pages, keep lighting up those wide eyes.

Believe me, you’re not just reading out loud, You’re shaping a vibrant, vivid world for your little ones, filling their childhood with a spectrum of joy and wonder

How about you tell me a bit about your color expedition?

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