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Christmas Countdown for Toddlers

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Advent Activity and Christmas Countdown for Toddlers

Toddlers love getting involved in Christmas activities, and there’s nothing more fun than a special Christmas craft just for them. This cute toddler advent surprise box will create cherished memories as your toddlers grow! Each morning during the countdown to Christmas, your toddler will find a special treat, craft, or activity in the box they painted on the first day of the countdown. The cute chalkboard tag makes it easy for you to change the date as your and your toddler countdown to Christmas day!

This just one of many posts full of creative Christmas activities for toddlers. Hop over to My Bored Toddler to see posts by other awesome bloggers! 

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What you’ll need:

1 Unfinished wooden box with hinges-available in many sizes at most craft stores

Red and green craft paint

Paint brush

1 9 x 12 ” Piece of red felt


Chalkboard gift tag

Chalk marker

How to make a Toddler Countdown to Christmas Advent Activity Box:

christmas countdown

One December first set out the supplies for your child’s first toddler advent activity, painting the box! I chose red and green paint, and my toddler and preschooler painted the box together.

Once the paint has dried, cut a felt piece to fit inside the box. I cut my felt piece large enough to cover the bottom and all four sides in the box. Put glue on the bottom of the box and glue the felt inside the box. Trim the felt along the top opening of the box as needed.

Repeat with the inside of the lid for the box.

The last step is to add the gift tag and write the next number on the tag. I glued the twine loop on the tag under the felt in an upper corner of the box.

Countdown to Christmas Toddler Advent Box Filler Ideas

Need some inspiration for the the countdown? Here are a few things we’ve filled our advent boxes with over the years!

  1. Candy
  2. Paintable ornaments
  3. Felt ornament kit
  4. Cheerios
  5. Red and green gold fish crackers
  6. Slinky
  7. Candycanes!
  8. An idea written on paper (sledding, baking, wrapping)
  9. Small branch to represent getting a Christmas tree that day
  10. Christmas cookie
  11. Large jingle bell
  12. Red and green craft pom poms
  13. Small Christmas story book
  14. Stickers
  15. Berries
  16. Cookie cutter (to bake cookies that day)
  17. Christmas socks
  18. Little People
  19. Wheelie car
  20. Play dough

Each day your toddler will open the box to see what fun surprise is waiting for them! Have fun this holiday season and enjoy counting down to Christmas with your toddler!

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Thanks for sharing - You're awesome!

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  1. What a wonderful activity! I’m going to do this with my kids. Thanks so much for being a part of the Toddler Christmas Activity Blog Hop 🙂

  2. What a fun idea! I remember how hard it was to wait to Christmas morning when I was a kid. Having a small surprise every day would certainly help!

  3. I’m so excited to be a mommy for so many reasons, but high up on my list is for all of the holiday decorating and crafts! One of my favorite things growing up was decorating the house with my mom. I hope to pass on some of those same traditions.

  4. I love this! And I love the ideas you gave about what you have put in the advent box. Thanks for sharing on Toddler Fun Friday. Sidenote: your logo/header is adorable!

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