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DIY Fall Banner Pumpkin Decoration

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Make this pretty fall banner in minutes! Easy Halloween or Thanksgiving decoration. #falldecor #thanksgivingdecor #diycrafts

DIY Fall Pumpkin Decoration

I knew when October hit that I just had to make time for fall crafting. I can’t believe we’re already weeks away from Halloween and I haven’t done a single DIY décor project! If you’ve been crafting along with me these past couple years then you know I’m a bit of a seasonal craft hoarder. I have shopping bags full of craft supplies, a lot of ideas, and not enough time to get everything done. But that’s why we’re here right? To carve out a moment or two and enjoy some crafting!

I have to admit that I don’t have a beautiful fireplace mantel in this house. I love a beautifully decorated mantel during the holidays but here we have a brick fireplace surround with a ledge. No mantel in sight. Obviously if this were my own home I’d add one asap and maybe paint the brick, but we rent so I have to make do. I decided a diy fall banner might brighten it up a bit. This pretty fall banner adds pumpkins to Halloween décor or Thanksgiving décor and is simple enough that you don’t have to stress about supply shopping or taking too much time to get the craft done.

DIY Fall Banner Supplies

diy fall banner


diy fall banner

Pour the paint on a plate making a large enough area of paint to fit the cookie cutter.

Press the cookie cutter into the paint and lift it away.

diy fall banner

Next press the cookie cutter on the center of a piece of pre-cut burlap. Wiggle it slightly and lift away.

Repeat this process for all the burlap squares.

diy fall banner

Let the paint dry. Once it’s dry use the clothes pins to hang the squares from a piece of twine.


Thanks for sharing - You're awesome!

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