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Easy Do-It-Yourself Thanksgiving Centerpiece

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DIY Thanksgiving centerpices for less than five dollar each! Make a simple fall centerpices for a holiday dinner!


DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece for Fall

Thanksgiving decorations don’t have to be time consuming or expensive. I made this diy thanksgiving centerpiece to add to my fall decor for less than $5. We don’t host Thanksgiving dinner in our own home so this vase won’t be a centerpiece this year but wouldn’t three of these grouped together make a fun Thanksgiving centerpiece? And you can see over the vase which is always a plus when you’re talking to the person across from you at dinner.

What are your Thanksgiving tradtions with family? Each year my husband’s extended family gets together to eat and laugh-and to give thanks. They make a point to stand up during dinner to express gratitude and reflect on the year. It’s a really special time and I look forward to the evening every Novemeber. Let’s keep the focus on simple gratitude and not stress over the centerpieces!

I love diy decor (and store bought) because it gives me a chance to change the theme up each year. The colors I chose for this year’s fall decor are focused on the bright orange pumpkins we see as the season approaches. You can see my favorite fall decor pieces on Instagram-head over and give me a follow!


  • An assortment of small artificial gourds
  • Cylinder shaped glass vase
  • Garden rocks

I picked all of my supplies up at the local dollar store. I couldn’t find like prices online so head to your dollar store ASAP for inexpensive supplies! Pair the vases with a pretty tablecloth and neutral place settings to really make the colors stand out.


diy thanksgiving centerpiece


  1. Pour about three inches of rocks in the bottom of the vase
  2. Fill the remaining portion of the vase with the artificial gourds. Arrange the gourds to fill any big gaps inside the vase with the most decorative sides facing out.
  3. Display alone or as a group on Thankgiving tables

diy thanksgiving centerpiece

diy thanksgiving centerpiece

diy thanksgiving centerpiece


Thanks for sharing - You're awesome!

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