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Do-it-Yourself Autumn Wreath: A Thanksgiving Cornucopia

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Can you believe we’re more than half-way through fall? I feel like I was just posting end of summer ideas, and here we are ready to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday! I finally took the witch wreath off of our front door, and then realized that I didn’t have a replacement wreath! Remember the spider-web wreath (check it out!) I said I was going to re-use for fall decor? This is it! The same wreath! It seriously cost only a couple of dollars for the wreath itself, so I’m pretty proud of myself for this frugal front door decor diy.

I was inspired to make this wreath by the Thanksgiving cornucopia. May everyone’s Thanksgiving have blessing in abundance.


How to make this Diy Autumn Wreath

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  1. Gather your supplies
  2. Use floral wire to secure all the stems together from the bottom of the fruit and below
  3. Wrap the burlap ribbon around the stems and secure with a small U shape of floral wire (see below)
  4. Cut a length of ribbon 3x the width of the fruit

craftcreatecalm diy wreath

  • To make the opening of our cornucopia cut a couple of U shapes out of the floral wire.
  • Take the ribbon shown in image 4 and bring the two ends to meet in front, overlapping slightly.
  • Push your U-shaped floral wire into the ribbon pieces that overlap, and twist the wire from the underside to secure.
  • Cut a second piece of burlap ribbon a couple of inches longer than the first, and repeat overlapping and securing with U-shaped floral wire.
  • Tuck raw edges under as needed.

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Putting it all together:

  • Wrap the string around your wreath and tire to secure.
  • Place your stems on the wreath as show in the above image. Flip the wreath over and use floral wire to secure the stems to the string.

Finish the wreath but wrapping the burlap ribbon around the wreath, and attaching a bow. I made the bow out of the ribbon by looping two separate pieces of ribbon, layering them on top of each other, wrapping the center with floral wire.

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