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Age Appropriate Chores For Kids

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There are so many benefits of chores for your kids, but it can be a bit hard to know what chores they can do at what age.

Here is are lists of age appropriate chores for kids, so you know exactly where your kids can be learning to help and developing age appropriate life skills!

Remember, mama, you know your child better than anyone else does, so you can choose what is best for them. The important thing is to teach them the joy of contributing and the gift of being a part of the household.

This industrious behavior will prepare them for their future as responsible young people and eventually adulthood.

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Chores For Kids Ages 4 to 6

Children in the 4-6 age group will do best by learning chores at your side. It might take a little while longer to get the job done, but this is excellent time to deepen your relationship and teach them well.

They are eager to please and will delight in being contributing members to your home.

Here are some simple tasks they can do on their own once they’ve been taught well, even without constant supervision (although they’ll LOVE your praise when they are done!):

1. Gather trash from small baskets – Your smaller kids can go throughout the house gathering the small bags of trash on trash day (like those under a desk or in the bathroom). Remind them to wash their hands with soap and water after!

2. Check the mail – Younger kids can also check the mail, as long as it’s in a safe location. Just keep an eye out!

3. Feed pets – Your younger children can also be in charge of feeding and watering the pets that are gentle. This is also good because it helps them learn nurturing.

4. Clear the table after meals – Scrape plates and put them in the sink and clean crumbs off the table.

5. Pulling weeds – Who likes to pull weeds? Surprisingly, little kids do! (just be sure they know what are weeds!)

6. Put away silverware – After the dishwasher is done, your child can sort and put away silverware.

7. Gather laundry – Bring all the laundry to the laundry room. They can also help sort lights/darks.

8. Fold clothes – Little ones are great at folding clothes. It’s also great for building hand-eye coordination skills. Start with towels, then sock pairing, and move up from there.

9. Water flowers – Get a small watering can and let your child fill up at the outdoor faucet and then water the flowers and plants. 

10. Clean up crumbs – Let your child use a handheld vacuum to suck up any crumbs she finds in the living room or dining room.

11. Bring the trash cans to the garage – After the trash has ran, your kids can bring the cans back to the garage or wherever you store them.

12. Keep shoes put away – It can be his job to make sure everyone’s shoes are put away in the mudroom or entryway.

Chores For Kids Ages 7 to 9

Kids at this age are likely going to enjoy doing their chores less than they did when they were younger, and perhaps even complain a bit.

However, teaching them self discipline now will make the older years MUCH easier! In addition, it will help them learn some self sufficiency.

1. Brush and wash the dog – If you have a dog, let it be your child’s job to keep Fido well groomed.

2. Load the dishwasher – After meals, let your child handle the job of loading everything into the dishwasher.

3. Put away the shopping – When you get home from the store, your child can help out by putting away the items you purchased.

4. Raking leaves – During the fall, let it be your child’s job to keep the leaves raked. During the summer, it can be his job to keep the weeds pulled.

5. Vacuum – This job is perfect for kids this age. Just make sure he understands what not to vacuum up.

6. Pack school lunches – This is another task you can hand off to your child. It should also be his job to keep the containers washed and ready to use.

7. Prep vegetables – Your child is now old enough to start doing more in the kitchen. Peeling vegetables with a peeler is a safe job.

8. Take out the trash – When the trash cans are full, it should be her job to empty them and take them to the outdoor cans. She can also roll the cans out for the next day.

9. Put away laundry – After folding laundry, your child can also put it away.

10. Wash windows – Washing windows isn’t a fun job. Thankfully, it’s perfect for your child.

11. Gather books to go back to the library – It’s her job to make sure all the books are by the door and ready to be returned.

12. Keep the front porch swept – This is an easy job that takes but a few minutes each day.

Chores For Kids Ages 10 to 12

At this age, it’s usually best to have clear expectations. Set a schedule as well as a standard for completion…and always inspect what you expect!

While it can be rocky as you teach them new tasks and get them used to doing them, once you have a strong system in place everyone will enjoy the benefits.

1. Sweep and mop – The floors that need to be swept and mopped can be their job.

2. Walking the dog – This is another great chore that will also help your child get exercise.

3. Washing laundry – Your child can definitely be taught to wash laundry at this age.

4. Wash the car – Let your child have the job of keeping the car clean inside and out.

5. Clean bathrooms – Your child is old enough to keep the bathroom cleaned from top to bottom.

6. Fixing simple meals – Your child is also old enough to cook simple meals for the family with supervision.

7. Watching younger siblings – If you need to do something around the house, let your child watch her younger siblings so that you can get the job done.

8. Clean the kitchen – Children of this age range can also keep the kitchen clean, including washing down the countertops and appliances, keeping everything organized and put away, and cleaning up after younger siblings.

9. Change bedding – If your child wants clean bedding, it’s her job to change and wash her it.

10. Straighten up the house – It can also be one of her jobs to keep the living room straightened up and the dining table cleared off.

11. Skim the pool – If you have a pool, let your child’s job be to keep all the leaves and debris cleaned out.

12. Mow – At this age, your child is also old enough to start using a manual push mower. If you have a small yard, this is all you’ll need to keep the yard mowed.

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