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Easy Autumn Wreath made from Fabric Scraps

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Easy autumn wreath diy using fabric scraps!

Easy Autumn Wreath DIY

Do you have extra felt fabric from unfinished projects? I seem to buy a couple each time I’m at the craft store because they’re so bright, fun and inexpensive. As a last minute fall project I decided to use up those scraps to make an easy autumn wreath diy. I do think this will be my last fall diy of the season. I’m excited to start winter diy, but first, an easy fall wreath diy!

I tore the mesh off of this year’s patriotic diy to reuse the foam wreath. Next time I’ll use a little less glue on the mesh in case I want to reuse it too. I tried to keep the budget low with the holidays coming up.


easy autumn wreath diy

easy autumn wreath diy


  1. Cut the felt fabric into strips long enough to wrap around the wreath once. You’ll be piecing the fabric together on the wreath so it’s okay if the measurments aren’t exactly the same.
  2. Glue one end of the fabric scrap to the inside of the wreath. Wrap it around the outside until the ends meet and secure it with glue. Try to make sure you’re gluing each piece of fabric on the same side of the wreath  because you don’t want the glued ends to show when you flip it over.
  3. Take the next scrap of fabric and repeat step 2, overlapping the first piece slightly so the faom of the wreath form doesn’t show. Repeat with fabric scraps until the foam form is completely covered.
  4. Wrap string around the stems of the flowers to hold them in a bouquet. Gule the bouquet on the inside of the wreath. You can cover the stems with a scrap of felt if they’re not hidden by the flowers.

Tip: Decide on a color pattern before you start gluing. 

How does it look? I used bright colors for my wreath but a wreath with neutrals would look just as beautiful!


easy autumn wreath diy

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