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DIY Christmas Ornament I Spy Snowman Craft

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DIY Christmas ornament i spy snowman craft. Cute snowball with snowman parts for an i spy activity.

DIY Christmas Ornament

Let it snow! Today we’re making these cute I spy snowman ornaments to hang on the Christmas tree. No, we haven’t set up a tree yet this year but now’s the time to start crafting for December! This is another simple i spy craft using dough (this time it’s air dry) and some cute miniature snowman pieces that I seem to be seeing everywhere these days. I love the small world Christmas ideas in the craft stores this season!

We usually pair our i spy ornaments with a book. Look at this cute i spy star from salt dough based on Mouse’s First Christmas and this playdough activity based on The Night Before Christmas. It’s so fun for my kids to find the objects on the ornament while I read them a story.

This snowman scraft is part of the Kid Made Christmas Ornaments series from Crafty Mama in Me. Be sure to scroll down after the post for more kid made Christmas ornaments!

diy christmas ornament




diy christmas ornament


How to make a DIY Snowman Ornament

  1.  Roll the clay into a ball.
  2. Use a pencil to push a hole through the top of the ball. Re-form the ball shape as needed.
  3. Gently press the snowman parts into the clay all around the ball. Let dry.
  4. Thread the ribbon through the hole and tie a knot to secure the ends together.
  5. Use the ribbon to hang the i spy snowman ornament on the Christmas tree.


diy christmas ornament


More DIY Christmas Ornaments

This year you can fill youir Christmas tree up with Christmas ornaments made by kids. The Kid Made Ornament series has ideas for all ages and Christmas decor theme. Click the image below for more Christmas ornaments made by kids!

diy christmas ornament

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  1. Easy enough for young children and also entertaining enough for all ages! Nice ideas. Thank you for sharing the steps and information so we can replicate! Pinned!

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