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Books about Wind for Younger Kids

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Want to study wind with your preschooler, kindergartener, or younger elementary student? This list of books about wind for younger kids is the resource you’ve been looking for!

Learning is supposed to be an adventure when you’re a child! These books about wind will help your child understand that beautiful force of nature and experience the weather element they cannot see — and give you fun ideas for how to enjoy a windy day together and marvel at how amazing this world really is.

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Do you hear that? The wind blowing through the trees, swirling whirling kite flying weather? Read and learn about wind with these books about wind for kids!

books about wind


Like a Windy Day

Fly like the wind with a girl who imagines herself being just like the wind blowing through the countryside, through the town and to the seaside.

books about wind

Windy Day

A a colorful book showing kids what happens when it’s windy. 

books about wind

A Windy Day in Spring (Springtime Weather Wonders)

Join a puppy and kitten as they feel the warm breeze on their faces. This board book is great for toddlers!

books about wind

The Wind Blew

This story is full of colorful illustrations and rhyming verse that tells a story about how the wind almost blew everything away!

books about wind

Curious George Flies a Kite

Curious George is still getting into mischief in this kite flying kid’s story. Great as a read aloud!

books about wind

Wind (Whatever the Weather)

Kids will enjoy reading about the sensory response to weather in this adorable board book.

books about wind

Kite Day: A Bear and Mole Story (Bear and Mole Stories)

Build a kite and watch it fly in the wind with Bear and Mole in this cute story for preschoolers.

books about wind

Wind (Weather Basics)

Read and learn about the wind!

Doing A Weather Unit Study?

Books about wind make a great addition to a weather preschool unit. We recently read books about rain and made our own rain gauge at home!

My kids get a little nervous when the weather is windy outside so I make a storm fort for them to snuggle up in with some pillows, blankets and books. Small flashlights make the storm fort even more fun for the kids! 

Preschool science can be fun and playful using brightly colored books and a little imagination! For more learning fun for kids, visit the Kids Learning at Home page, a resource just for you and your awesome kids!

teach your preschooler to learn about weather with these books about wind

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  1. Our state is know for wind, but it has been really windy here lately. Looking forward to checking out some of these books.

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