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Kids Ornament Craft: Bird Feeder for Kids to Make

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Kids Bird Feeder: Teaching Kids the Gift of Giving

Are you looking for a simple kids ornament craft? A traditional DIY bird feeder from pinecones is a great winter activity (or really, any time!) to teach kids to give a gift back to nature, especially during these cold winter months! So gather your supplies and get ready to make an outdoor ornament for the birds!

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How to Make a Kids Ornament Craft Pinecone Bird Feeder:

Little hands have a hard time spreading peanut-butter on pinecones so I made this craft for my toddler and preschooler a little easier by spreading a thick layer of peanut-butter on a plate. They rolled the large pinecones around in the peanut-butter, and then rolled the peanut-butter covered pinecones around in a bowl of birdseed.

Knot the 12″ string at one end, and tie the opposite end of the string around a bobby pin or paper clip. String berries down to the knot, then remove the paper clip and tie the ends of the string together to form a loop of berries.

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Use the 6″ piece of wire (or string) to attach the loop to the pinecone.

Birds use more energy in colder months and during migration, so this Christmas ornament for kids to make is a great way to help birds find food more easily, and for kids to experience nature. Hang the bird feeder up in a bush or tree near a window so the kids can see their winter Christmas gift being enjoyed by the birds!

Love this craft? There are lots of fun winter craft ideas and hands on fun other times of year, too.


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