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Farm Animal Addition and Subtraction Worksheets

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 These farm animal printable worksheets are perfect for early leaning in preschool or kindergarten. Free printable math worksheets for kids. #earlylearning #printablemathworksheet #farmactivitiesforkids

Farm Animal Addition Worksheets for Unit Study Fridays!

Welcome back to Unit Study Fridays! Now that fall has arrived we’re starting back up again with our weekly unit study activities. Each week I get together with some great bloggers to bring unit study materials and resources based on the week’s theme. This week our theme is farming and I’m super excited to share a free farm animal addition worksheet with you. Be sure to scroll down after the post to see more farm related activities from other great bloggers!

Farm Animal Addition

Today I’m giving you a cute printable worksheet for younger school-aged children. This worksheet is good for kids just learning to add and subtract numbers. It also helps to develop number recognition, writing skills, and includes a fun I spy farm activity.

Included in this Math Packet for Kids:

  • Trace the Numbers worksheet: Numbers 0-9
  • Addition Animals worksheet: Adding numbers between 0-9
  • Subtraction Animals worksheet: Subtracting numbers between 0-9
  • I-Spy Animals worksheet: Finding and counting animals.

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Farm Unit Study

Farm unit studies are a fun way to teach kids math, reading, writing, and social studies. Below I’ve linked up more farm related activities for kids.

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