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The Ultimate Guide To Making A Fairy Garden At Home

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Fairy gardens are miniature gardens usually filled with small plants and other accessories designed to delight and lure fairies. Designed to be enjoyable for kids, making a miniature fairy garden will make your kids – and you – smile.

You all will enjoy setting them up and adding to them over time! Setting up a DIY fairy garden and creating the perfect tiny fairy garden house is so much fun.

Fairy gardens are beautiful, not too hard to make and add a special uniqueness to any backyard or current garden. You can add them around a tree, in your flowers, tucked into a corner of a log with some moss….really anywhere!

You can also add them to your windowsill, create terrariums, dining table or any other inside nook with sun. The magic and enchantment of fairies continues long past childhood, as is evidenced by how many parents (and grandparents) delight in this relaxing hobby.

Making fairy gardens with your children is actually a fun way to introduce them to the art of gardening, along with basic garden care.

Fairy gardens can be creative outlets, sensory play options for kids or beautiful decorative pieces to add to your current landscape design. And they also make excellent gifts!

little girl making a miniature fairy garden

How to Make A Fairy Home

If you’re ready to make your own fairy garden, the first thing you need is your imagination. You can create your own fairy home and garden any way you choose; there’s no right or wrong way.

However, if you want a little more guidance, simply follow this step by step tutorial that will guide you forward in creating a magical miniature garden for your yard or table…today!

First, pick a good location for your fairy garden houses so you can figure out what type and size container you’ll want to have to start this process.

You’ll need to know if you’re going to make a working fairy garden or a decorative fairy garden before proceeding to pick out plants and accessories. If you need ideas, for your DIY Fairy Garden, this site is a great place to find inspiration for fairy garden designs!

Now that you’ve figured out what type of fairy garden you’ll create, next it’s time to go shopping! Pick out some plants that will work for your region and fit well with the container, with your fairy figurines and accessories.

You can make one that has color in every season from flowers to moss to sprigs from an evergreen tree or even birch sticks. You can change it out regularly -after all, I’m sure your fairy and her fairy friends will enjoy the adorable change of scene as much as you and your kids enjoy creating it.

Depending on the type of plants you use, add potting soil (or succulent soil or peat moss) to your fairy garden or fairy home yard.

Now that the soil is ready in your fairy garden container, you can start envisioning what you fairy garden should look like (isn’t this fun already?!).

girl making a fairy garden at home

Place your fairy garden items in different spots to get a feel for the look you want to make for this magical garden.

Fairy Garden Ideas For Kids

This is where your kids will really let their creative loose! This is the perfect time to let your kids play with the items you got! They will use their imagination to create a beautiful Fairy Garden display.

Now that you know how you want to set up the fairy garden items in your Fairy Garden, it’s time to get the plants placed in the container! We’ll put them in the appropriate locations to add some living color.

You’ll need to add water and use your finger to gently create holes to put seeds in the soil. Move moss and any other plants similar to moss around so that they work well with your Fairy Garden accessories.

Your fairy garden houses are ready to grow once all the seeds have been planted according to the directions on the seed packets, and the items have been placed in their areas within the container!

example of a fairy garden

What Items Should Be In Your Fairy Garden Houses?

There are many items you could get for this project, but the most important items that a fairy garden house needs are in the list below. These will help you get you started with your very own miniature magical garden for fairies.

  • Container or Outdoor Location

  • Soil (after all, she needs a garden!)

  • Small plants and plants’ seeds

  • Gardening Trowel

  • Stones or pebbles

  • Moss

  • Sand

  • Sticks

For the container, you can use different options based on the area that you’ll be putting the container or what you already have on hand (repurposing is always the best first step!).

In the small locations, you may opt to use stacking planters, a plant pot, or maybe a birdbath. For larger locations, you may opt to use a wheelbarrow, a raised planter, a patio garden bed or a half wine barrel. Other ideas are old pots, broken flower pottery bowls, rusty pails, or even old wooden crates.

fairy garden examples

Making potted plants to sit outside your fairy house is simple and fun!

Other Items For Your DIY Fairy Garden

The list of items could get rather long, so I’m going to stick to some basic accessories for use in your first fairy garden.

  • Fairy Garden Houses

  • Gnomes

  • Trolls

  • Fairy figurines

  • Any other statues that catch your fancy

  • Wood Slices

  • Mini Houses

  • Fairy Garden Walkway stones (or small shells)

  • Fairy Garden Welcome or Home Sweet Home signs

  • Mini Fairy Garden Trellis

  • Mini Hanging Birdhouses

  • Even Fairy Garden flower pots

There are so many ways you can use these items to create your own magical spaces. Making. a DIY fairy garden is so rewarding.

We love to use small things we already have (like thimbles) to fill up our fairy gardens and make our fairy garden houses cozy. It’s never a complete project, so don’t feel like you need to make your fairy garden perfect on day one. Just keep adding as you find darling little items you think fairies will love.

DIY flower planter for homemade fairy garden and fairy house

How To Make A Miniature Fairy Garden House With Your Kids

Building your own fairy home and garden certainly takes you back to childhood, where your imagination was strong and will to pretend play was large.

Gather items that are easy to get your hands on, are smaller in size, include vibrant colors, and don’t feel like you have to buy them. Half the fun will be scavenging through attic corners, bedroom drawers, and backyard sheds for furniture for your fairy friends.

You can’t beat the price when you use what you have on hand, either, and it’s always excellent to teach kids how to appreciate what they have and to innovate. Here’s to the joy, wonder, magic, and plenty of sweet, easy creative times together.

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