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Ultimate Summer Reading List for Kids

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Summer is finally here, and I can’t tell you how excited I am for those long, lazy days filled with sunshine and, of course, books.

In today’s post, I’ll be sharing my ultimate summer reading list for kids.

These books have captured my little ones’ hearts while also fostering their curiosity and personal growth. I know finding the perfect book can get tricky, so I’ll be breaking it down into age groups to make your life a tad bit easier.

Let’s get started!

Pre-Readers (Ages 2-4)

First things first: Let’s get our tiny tots on board! When it comes to these little readers, I’ve noticed that bright illustrations and engaging storylines are a big hit. Here’s our top picks:

  1. The Very Hungry Caterpillar – Can we ever get tired of good ol’ Eric Carle? Nope! My 2-year-old loves this classic! It’s a must-have in our household, especially when it saved me from answering the same “What happens if I eat, like, EVERYTHING?” question for the hundredth time!
  2. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom– If it’s alphabets you’re after, this one is a must-have.
  3. Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? – The rhyming repetition in this book had my kids giggling away!
  4. Llama Llama Red Pajama by Anna Dewdney – This one’s a life-saver for bedtime. I mean, who doesn’t love a sweet little llama and his Mama?
  5. Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown – Another nostalgic bedtime read. It’s like wrapping your little one in a warm, soft blanket of rhymes.

Early Readers (Ages 5-7)

Alright, now we’re entering the world of early readers. With more words and deeper stories, these books still need to capture kids’ imagination and make learning fun. Here’s what we’ve loved:

  1. Green Eggs and Ham – Dr. Seuss never disappoints, am I right?
  2. The Magic Tree House Series – My kiddos went on so many adventures with Jack and Annie!
  3. Frog and Toad Are Friends – A classic, teaching the value of friendship and kindness.
  4. Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White – I remember how I bawled my eyes out when I first read this tear-jerker as a kid. Do your child a favor and introduce them to this timeless tale of friendship.
  5. Magic Tree House Series by Mary Pope Osborne – Time traveling adventures with a sprinkle of historical events? Count me in! And trust me, your kids will love ’em, too!
  6. The Boxcar Children Series by Gertrude Chandler Warner – Ah, the good old days of siblings solving mysteries and living in abandoned boxcars! I bet you’ll find yourself reading along with your kid!

Middle-Grade Readers (Ages 8-12)

Ah, the challenging tween years. Engaging their ever-changing interests is never easy, but these books hit the sweet spot by tackling both fantastical worlds and important life lessons. Check them out!

  1. The Chronicles of Narnia – I mean, does this one even need an explanation? (If you haven’t introduced your kids to the world of Narnia, now’s the time!)
  2. Wonder – This novel’s message about acceptance and empathy is perfect for this age group.
  3. Percy Jackson Series– For the mythology buffs (and those who will soon become one!).
  4. A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle – It’s not just fantastic sci-fi but also an inspiring journey of self-discovery for young readers.

My personal favorites and top picks for summer reading lists for kids! I hope these books bring your little ones as much joy as they brought to my family and me.

Don’t forget to share your own favorites in the comments below, as I’m always on the lookout for new reads to introduce to my book-hungry kids!

Thanks for sharing - You're awesome!

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