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Creating the Ultimate Kids’ Reading Nook: Your Step-by-Step Guide

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I’ve always been a massive bookworm, and I’m sure many of you can relate. That’s why when my kids started to show an interest in reading, I knew I had to create a fantastic space for them to curl up and get lost in their favorite stories.

I’m here to share some of my favorite resources in creating the perfect reading nook for your children.

Whether you’ve got a spacious room or just a tiny corner, these tips will make any kid excited to dive into a good book (and probably give you a few quiet moments to yourself as a bonus ).

Let’s Begin: Choosing the Right Space in Your Home

First things first: where will you create this reading nook? To help you decide, I’ll share some factors I considered in my own search:

  • Is it quiet and away from distractions?
  • Can the space be cozy and comfortable?
  • Will it be easily accessible for my kids?

For me, I chose an unused corner in my kids’ playroom. It worked out great! They can enjoy their reading nook, and when they’re done, they have easy access to their toys for playtime.

Make It Cozy: Comfort is Key

Now that you’ve got the right spot, let’s discuss some essentials for making this space cozy and inviting:


Whether you choose a bean bag chair, a cute little couch, or big fluffy pillows, make sure it’s something comfy and easy to clean.

Bonus tip: I found a fantastic beanbag chair with a washable cover on Amazon – I’ll never go back to those hard-to-clean ones again!


Proper lighting is crucial, so your kids’ eyes don’t strain while they read. A simple, adjustable floor lamp works wonders.

You can find a variety of these on websites like Ikea or Overstock.

Snuggly Extras

To make my kids’ reading nook irresistible, I added a plush rug and some soft blankets. Not only does it make the area visually appealing, but it also provides loads of warmth during those cold winter months.

Personalize It: Make Their Reading Nook Unique

Encourage your kids’ love for reading by creating a space that reflects their personalities and tastes:

Shelf Space

Whether you opt for a wall-mounted bookshelf or a cute bookcase, make sure your kids can easily access their favorite reads. I stumbled upon Etsy’s unique selection to match your kid’s style.

And when you’re looking for the best books to fill those shelves with, this brilliant guide to choosing the best kid’s books will get you started!


Incorporate your kids’ favorite colors, themes, or characters to make the space feel like their own. I added a Harry Potter-themed wall decal that my daughter adores! Websites like WallMonkeys offer stunning themed wall decals.

Keep It Organized

Let’s face it – sometimes, our kids’ rooms can look like a tornado hit them. The organization is key here. Consider adding a small storage bin at the nook to keep it tidy and prevent harm to their most prized literary possessions!

Encourage Interaction: Engaging Elements for Your Kids

One of my absolute favorite additions to my kids’ reading nook was an interactive element: a world map.

Not only does it spark their curiosity about different places, but it also becomes a great conversation starter about the stories they’re reading.

Reading Accessories
Another way to make the nook more engaging is to add reading accessories like a magnifying glass, a bookmark-making kit, or even a cute little reading timer.

I found a set of adorable animal-themed bookmarks on Etsy that my kids absolutely love.

These small additions not only enhance their reading experience but also make them excited to return to their nook.

Reading Challenges and Rewards
To keep the excitement alive, I introduced reading challenges with fun rewards. Simple things like “Read 5 books this month and pick your favorite movie for movie night!” can be incredibly motivating.

There are tons of ideas for reading challenges online, and you can tailor them to your child’s age and interests.

Create a Reading Routine
Children thrive on routines, and incorporating reading time into their daily schedule can make a huge difference.

Whether it’s before bed, after school, or during quiet time, having a set time to read helps establish good reading habits.

Plus, it gives them something to look forward to each day.

Invite Friends and Siblings
Encourage your child to invite a sibling or a friend into their nook for a shared reading session. It’s a wonderful way for them to bond and develop their social skills. They can take turns reading out loud to each other or discuss their favorite parts of the story.

Finally, Keep the Magic Alive
Remember, the goal of the reading nook is to foster a love for reading. So, keep the space evolving. Introduce new books regularly, change up the decorations according to seasons or their growing interests, and always keep an open dialogue about what they’re reading and learning.

Creating a reading nook for your kids isn’t just about giving them a place to read; it’s about giving them a space to dream, learn, and grow.

As they turn each page, they’re not just reading a story; they’re building their imagination, vocabulary, and a lifetime love for books.

And who knows, maybe they’ll be inspired to write their own stories one day!

Wrapping Up

I bet you’re itching to create the most magical space for your little bookworms. I know mine didn’t waste any time once their nook was ready before I knew it, they were flying through chapter books like nobody’s business!

Do you have other ideas? Let me know in the comment below.

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