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Easy Dinosaur Soaps Recipe

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If you’ve been looking for fun dinosaur activities to do with your preschooler or elementary aged child, this dinosaur soap craft is just the thing. Dino soap is easy to make, fun to use, and a great at home kid craft. The next time you and your Dino-loving child want to do some arts and crafts together, this easy homemade soap is just the thing!

How to make easy dinosaur homemade soap recipe for kids


Soap Making Dinosaur Activity: Super Simple!

This easy dinosaur soap activity is just right to do with your budding paleontologist.

Have your kids ever had the fun of hammering dinosaurs out of ice eggs? This project reminds me of that sunny day activity, only there’s no hammers involved. 馃槈 Instead, they’ll free the dinosaurs with water!

I’ve always been nervous about making soap but this recipe will show you that it’s so simple! Get the kids involved in dropping the dinosaurs into the soap molds during an afternoon crafting together.

Easy Homemade Dino Soap Supply List

How To Make Dinosaur Soap

Making your dinosaur soap is very easy to do and your little helpers will have a lot of fun working with you.

Prepare Melt And Pour Soup Base

Start by cutting about 15 ice cube sized pieces off the shea butter base block. Next, shred or cut the soap into smaller pieces to make it easier to melt. Place 1/3 of the soap in a microwave safe bowl or large glass measuring cup or batter bowl.

This part of the soap making dinosaur activity is best left to mom or an older child with supervision.

dinosaur soap

dinosaur soap

Melt The Soap Base

Microwave for the soap base pieces for 30 seconds or until it’s soap is completely melted. Take it out of the microwave. Add in your favorite soap scent and stir well with a wooden craft stick.

Little hands make great assistants at stirring the soap mix with a craft stick.

dinosaur soap

Use Soap Molds

Immediately pour the melted soap into 4 of the mini muffin molds, filling almost to the top of each mold. Place a dinosaur into each mold filled with soap. Set aside to harden while you make the next batch of soap.

dinosaur soap

Adding Scent And Color To Your Soap

Microwave 1/2 of the remaining soap for 30 seconds or until completely melted.

Next, add your scent and stir well with a craft stick. Follow this by adding a few drops of the blue soap colorant and stir again.

Pour the melted blue soap into 4 of the silicone molds. Place a dinosaur into each mold and set them aside to harden.

dinosaur soap

Lastly, microwave the remaining shea butter soap for 30 seconds or until melted. Add a soap scent and 1-2 drops of green soap colorant. Stir well.Pour the melted green soap into the remaining 4 silicone molds.

Make Your Soap DINO SOAP

Place a dinosaur into the melted soap. Chill the entire silicone mold for 2 hours to allow the soaps to completely harden.

dinosaur soap
dinosaur soap

Once they’re hardened, gently pop the mini soap bars  out of their molds and store in a cool, dry place until ready to use.

dinosaur soap

Easy dinosaur soap recipe. #dinosaurs

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