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How to make Rainy Day DIY Bubble Wands

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This easy make your own bubble wands at home kids activity is perfect for a rainy day…or a hot summer day…or really any day – because bubbles are the perfect activity at any time! Enjoy this DIY Bubble Wand craft with your children.

Bubbles are awesome and these easy DIY Bubble Wands make it even more fun. You can use them outside, in your garage, or even in the bathtub on a rainy day.

girl in field of flowers looking at bubbles with text "DIY Bubble Wands for kids" by The Moments At Home

DIY bubble wands are an easy way to keep kids busy on a rainy Spring day. But how about something even more fun? Outdoor bubble play with DIY bubble wands! Get your kids bundled up in their rain-coats and rubber boots, and head outside for some rainy day play!

Supplies for DIY Bubble Wands

Chenille Pipe Cleaners

Mixed Alphabet Beads

1 T Dish Soap

3 Cups Water

How to Make Rainy Day Bubble Wands

Double Top DIY Bubble Wand

Pick up two chenille pipe cleaners and twist the bottoms together. Add blue and green beads by threading them on both pipe cleaners at once and pushing them down towards the bottom where you twisted the ends together, creating the bubble wand stem. Twist the pipe cleaners together above the beads to secure them in place. Loop the remaining lengths of the pipe cleaners into two separate loops and twist the ends to the wand stem to secure.

Single Raindrop Topped DIY Bubble Wand

Twist the ends of three pipe cleaners together. Braid the pipe cleaners together for a length of about 3″. Add beads spelling out the word rain, then continue braiding the rest of the pipe cleaners together until you reach the ends. Create a rain drop shaped loop with about three inches of the braided pipe cleaners and secure the base of the rain drop by twisting the pipe cleaner to the stem of the diy bubble wand.

diy bubble wand

Bubble Mix

Mix 3 cups of water with one part dish soap. Add drops of soap as needed for bubbles.

Now head out in the rain and blow bubbles! Watch the wind swoop the bubbles into the sky and out of sight. Will the rain drops burst the bubbles?

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