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Pumpkin Printable Bookmarks for Kids {FREE}

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Printable bookmarks for kids. Pumpkin printable for kids.

Pumpkin Printable Bookmark for Kids

My son is a huge book nerd. I mean that in the most loving way possible because I too am a book nerd. We’re proud of our nose in a book status. I’m more of a read on my tablet book worm but my son prefers paper bound books. The real thing. Something he can line his shelves with and read again and again. One thing that he always seems to be missing is a bookmark to keep his spot. I’m sharing a set of printable bookmarks that kids can color themselves. They’re great for home or in the classroom. As usual, I recommend you laminate them once they’ve been colored so they don’t rip or wrinkle. I use this laminator, and haven’t had any issues with it.

What We’re Reading

I love to share what my kids are reading to inspire book choices for my readers. My son is really into the Warriors series. They’re cats who battle or something. He says they’re making a movie soon. His friends love the books too so I guess they’re popular with the 9-11 year old crowd.

My youngest son is an early reader and just trying out chapter books. He’s been enjoying the A-Z Mysteries.

You can find more fall chapter books for kids by clicking the image below.

Fall chapter books for kids. Halloween and autumn themed books for kids.


How to use this Printable for Kids

While this may seem self explanatory, screen shots and printing web pages don’t produce great quality images. For best results, open the printable file and save it to your computer. Then, open your file and print.

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