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Paper Plate Turkey Craft for Kids

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Thanksgiving crafts are a fun way to get excited about the holiday with your kids. And this Thanksgiving turkey wreath is an easy paper plate craft for kids with pom poms will make a lovely addition to your home or a great gift.

These simple crafts are great for preschoolers and elementary kids because they help develop fine motor skills such as scissor/cutting practice, color identification, and sorting…plus it’s a fun sensory craft idea.

turkey pom pom wreath paper plate craft picture from The Moments At Home

Paper Plate Crafts For Fall Are Easy, Fun Activities For Kids

Gobble, gobble, it’s almost Thanksgiving!

We usually don’t do too many Turkey crafts here at home so I’m switching things up and sharing this cute paper plate craft.

While you’re cooking Thanksgiving dinner or listening to festive music, set up these paper plate craft supplies and let kids make turkeys to pass the time or to give to neighbors as a gesture of holiday joy. Paper plate crafts are some of my favorite to create because they’re just so easy!

Finding the supplies couldn’t be more simple for this paper plate craft, also, and you can order online with the included links if you don’t have time to run to the store (or want to try to find a parking spot with the holiday traffic picking up!).

Needed Supplies For This Turkey Wreath Kids Craft

Turkey And Pom Pom Easy Paper Plate Craft

easy kids craft autumn pom pom wreath

We’re making our paper plate turkey as an addition to our fall wreath made of pom-poms that I shared with you last week. Start by cutting the center out of your paper plate and covering the edges with pom-poms. See the full tutorial here.

turkey feather template example with cut out feathers from construction paper


Next, stack your paper together and cut what look like long leaves. You only need one or two for the Turkey’s tail feathers. The stack of paper should give you four feathers per cut out.

Once the pom-poms on the paper plate have dried flip the plate over and attach the paper feathers to the top part of the plate. If you’d like the turkey to have a face flip the plate back over and add a triangle of orange paper to the lower half of the wreath for a beak.

Let the glue dry and hang up your paper plate turkey craft as a Thanksgiving decoration!

instructional photos for easy kids paper plate craft of turkey and pom pom wreath

Thanks for sharing - You're awesome!

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