Your Quick 10 Month Guide To Pregnancy

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This simple month by month guide to your pregnancy will tell you waht to expect each month of gestation for both baby’s growth and development and symptoms you may experience. It’s a great overview of this next, exciting season of your life.

Please note: I am not a doctor and the following information is not intended to provide or replace medical advice; it is for entertainment and informational purposes only.

First things first…congratulations! Babies are beautiful gifts and one you’ll be enjoying soon enough…but first, you need to get through your pregnancy. And that can seem overwhelming or even a little scary if you don’t know what to expect or if its been a while and you’ve forgotten.

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If this is the first time you have become pregnant and you are curious as to what happens to your body as the pregnancy progresses, this simple monthly pregnancy guide is a great way to get a quick look at what to expect (and you can also check out more detailed looks at your baby’s progression week by week here, if you want).

Or perhaps this isn’t your first baby, but it’s been awhile and you don’t remember when to expect each pregnancy benchmark. No worries; this will refresh your memory and help you know what to look for and when!

Maybe you just want to keep track of what you can expect for milestones of each month…and that’s awesome, too!

Reading about your sweet baby’s development and studying what you might experience during your pregnancy will help the time pass and also help you bond with your baby and enjoy the pregnancy even more. Peace of mind is invaluable!

The following quick guide to pregnancy tells you what is happening to your body and what to expect from your pregnancy from the very beginning right up through birth. And don’t forget to ready up about your baby’s week by week growth and development, too!

Pregnancy Month 1

Your first month of pregnancy, you may not notice any changes to your body but you will (most likely) miss your period. Once you learn you are pregnant, your emotional state may waver between happy and scared and you might start to feel really tired…don’t worry, that’s pretty normal for an expecting mama.

It’s time to call your midwife or obstetrician and make your first appointment. How exciting!

Be sure to start taking prenatal vitamins right away. In fact, if you’re trying to conceive, begin taking them even before you know you’re expecting so that your baby has all the nutritional goodness for a strong start. My favorite prenatals have always been whole food, gluten free, non-GMO, vegetarian prenatals by Garden of Life. During the first trimester with some pregnancies I couldn’t keep them down and took prenatal gummies instead.

Pregnancy Month 2

While the baby is not yet visible outwardly, many women will start to feel nausea and may vomit in the morning during their second month of pregnancy. Some women have constant nausea and you might find you have very mild cramps.

If the cramps become severe, seek medical attention immediately just to be safe. And if you are too nauseous to keep food down and find yourself losing weight, call your pregnancy care provider immediately.

Pregnancy Month 3

This is the last month of the first trimester and your precious baby is still not big enough to show on the outside, but you are feeling tired and might still have “morning” sickness (at any time of day)…but the good news is that it rarely continues into the second trimester!

Your breasts may start to grow while your sex drive decreases as you begin to feel better. That’s good news and it’s totally okay to enjoy that.

Pregnancy Month 4

Wahooo, you’re 1/3 of the way there! Congrats, Mama!

You may be showing a little when you take off your shirt but strangers probably won’t be able to tell you’re pregnant unless you tell them. This is the start of the second trimester and the nausea should be gone.

If you’ve had a hard time emotionally accepting your pregnancy, those feelings may be subsiding around now as you begin to accept and even anticipate your growing baby.

Pregnancy Month 5

You’re now starting to feel flutters as your precious, tiny baby kicks inside you and your partner feels more connected because they can feel it also. You are starting to show more.

And with baby taking up more room in there, you probably need to pee a lot more often, too. Keep drinking your water, taking care of yourself, and get used to those frequent trips to the restroom.

Pregnancy Month 6

At this stage you may start having very vivid dreams due to your increasing and fluctuating hormones.

You are more comfortable with your pregnancy as it’s “normal” and you probably enjoy feeling the baby kicking and moving around inside you quite regularly now. You’ll notice increased activity after you drink or eat something sugary like a glass of OJ or a coffee.

Pregnancy Month 7

And now you’re 2/3 of the way to your due date and entering the last trimester. The baby is growing fast during this trimester and you may start to feel tired all the time as sleep eludes you.

Now is the time to start taking birthing classes and to get prepared for the baby’s arrival. Find one you are both comfortable with and can go together; if you don’t have a partner sharing this with you, invite your mom or a friend along as support makes this so much more peaceful for you.

Even thought you’ve still got a couple of months left, you don’t want to leave everything to the very last minute when you’re starting to feel awkward and more tired. Time to make sure the nursery or nursery area in your room is set up for baby and start to make your hospital bag checklist.

Pregnancy Month 8

The baby is nearly fully grown and your belly shows it! Your belly button may even have disappeared…or popped out like a turkey timer signaling that things are just about ready.

Now you can see the baby moving around just by looking at your tummy and you might even be able to identify body parts like hands, feet, and back.

You also need to use the bathroom more because your bladder has become quite smushed.

Your sleep cycle is starting to change and you may nap more during the day and may have trouble sleeping at night; that’s okay, take your rest where you can get it.

This is the time the worries about not being a good parent may manifest as your due date gets closer, but try to relax and take a deep breath. There are lots of resources you can take advantage of so you’re not alone and flying blind once the baby comes. In fact, you may want to start journaling your thoughts to release them and find a mentor or friend to talk them over with to be reassured.

Pregnancy Month 9

Finally you are so close to your due date. You big ‘ol belly is sticking out, your hips are spreading so you feel like you’re waddling, and even if it’s cold outside you’re most likely quite warm.

Your breasts may start leaking in preparation for breast feeding. Many women panic during this month as the fear of childbirth takes over, but it’s very natural and you’re as prepared as you can be so try to stay calm. 

Remember that the birth process is an absolutely miraculous and beautiful thing and is well worth the past nine months when you finally get to hold your new baby in your arms.

Pregnancy Month 10

It’s your due date and maybe just a little beyond if baby is hanging out.

Don’t panic and trust your doctor. It’s hard to be patient if your baby is running “late”, but you can do it. Every single moment is worth it; you’ll be holding your bundle of joy soon!

Enjoy Each Month – Don’t Rush It!

The physical and emotional changes that women experience during pregnancy can be different and some may have different reactions.

The above month by month pregnancy guide is a general indication of what could be expected and should not be relied upon as statement of fact; each pregnancy is unique, but these are generalizations based on experiences and observations. If you have any questions, you should seek the advice of your physician.

Don’t forget to take a peek at what your baby is doing each week of your pregnancy, too.

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Thanks for sharing - You're awesome!

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