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10 Ways To Save Money Fast On A Tight Budget

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Here are ten ways to save money fast on a tight budget! It can be hard to save money when things are tight, but it’s totally possible. You can start these today.
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You’re looking at your bank balance, your near empty fridge, and your kids. It’s time to go to the grocery store, but you have to watch how much gas you use because your next paycheck is still four days away. Things are not adding up…again.

There’s more month than money and you’re exhausted from trying over and over to make ends meet only to come up just a little too short. You’re tired of feeling like a failure because you can’t seem to get it all under control and you’re ready for something change…today.

But how on earth can you save money on a tight budget?

You know you can rob Peter to pay Paul (again), but you’re ready to get off that particular hamster wheel and start making actual progress on saving money so your budget doesn’t make you want to throw something against the wall in frustration.

I’ve been there so many times. I get it. And I’ve got good news: you don’t have to stay in that place!

Learning to save money today will help you save money every month and help you avoid the frustration of creatively juggling your budget every single time you need to pay a bill.

Ways To Save Money Today

1. Don’t Buy Anything You Don’t Need

Even if you might need it later. Even if it’s on sale. Even if you really want it, and it’s not that expensive.

Just Say NO! You can do it! The first step to saving money is spending less of it.

If you can master this one thing, you’ll save money fast on a tight budget! The hardest part is sometimes figuring out how many things you really don’t need…but you can do it!

Check out this list of 14 things to stop spending money on to save.

2. Do A Home Inventory & Use What You Have

Before you go shopping, do a home inventory. See what you already have that you can use instead of the thing you were going to buy.

This might mean eating leftovers or “Gotta Go Soup” for a meal (or two). It can also mean using hand towels to mop up spills instead of paper towels. Be creative!

3. Meal Plan & “Eat Cheap”

Having a couple of meals a week where you eat super frugal foods can really add up. Instead of meat and potatoes, try jazzing up a bowl of rice and beans. When you do eat meat, don’t be afraid to use smaller portions or less expensive cuts than you are used to.

Check out this super frugal meal plan. Even if the prices are different where you are, you can still see examples of inexpensive meal ideas for a family. Having a plan and being willing to pinch pennies one extra week a month will really make a difference.

4. Scale Back On Entertainment Expenses

From smart phones to cable plans to going bowling, having fun can be expensive.

Try an inexpensive cell phone plan like Walmart Family Mobile. Quit cable and use Hulu and/or Netflix. Call your internet provider and ask if there’s a cheaper package. And consider hosting a game night instead of going out for fun.

5. Eat At Home (or at least from home)

One of the easiest ways to save money today for many people is to skip the latte and brown bag your lunch. Whether you are used to grabbing a $6 specialty coffee or a $1 bargain java, a penny saved is a penny earned.

When you’re running errands or just getting out and about for a day, fill a cup from home and pack a snack. Little things add up.

6. Be Creative With Your Transportation

Think about combining errands to save money on gas and car pool whenever possible.

But another way to save on gas is not to rev your car or “gun it” when it’s time to move forward after a red light or stop sign. These little tips really do add up.

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How To Save Money Each Month

7. Use Simple Saving Money On Electricity Hacks

You already know to turn off a light when you leave a room, but did you know that unplugging appliances when they’re not being used can save on your power bill? So can not leaving a charger in the wall.

Doing this consistently can really impact your power bill!

8. Take Care Of Your Hot Water Heater

There are two really simple ways to save money each month with your hot water heater.

First, you can adjust the temperature on your hot water tank. Keeping it a little bit cooler than it is now can save you quite a bit monthly.

We didn’t realize it would make much of a difference, but when we had kids we adjusted it so they’d never get burnt if they turned on a hot water faucet. The safety benefit was important and the financial perks were an added bonus!

You can also use a hot water heater insulation blanket. This has really added up for our family and it’s something everyone should consider.

9. Ask For Deals

This one takes some time, so brew your favorite coffee or tea and carve out a few hours.

Then, get on the phone and ask for deals. Call around to all your insurance companies (home, auto, life), your cell phone carrier, your entertainment providers (wifi, cable), even service subscriptions (like AAA) and see if there are deals available.

And don’t be afraid to leave where you are if there’s something better out there!

We learned that AAA offers both auto and home insurance during one of our call arounds and they are incredibly competitive. State Farm has a program that can monitor your driving and offer discounts based on your scores. Call and ask!

10. Take Financial Peace University

One of the most life-altering things my husband and I ever did was take Financial Peace University. We learned to save money fast and how to save money on a tight budget by changing our money mindset and habits.

We have been debt free for over a decade and learned to not only survive living on a tight budget, but how to live well when money is tight.

What Are Some Ways You Save Money On A Tight Budget?

Do you have some frugal hacks not listed here? Drop them in the comments!

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