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Books About Grandparents Your Little Readers Will Love

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Books about grandparents. *This post contains affiliate links *

Grandparents … our very own superheroes without capes.

They comfort us, guide us, and sometimes, even spoil us rotten.

Through their stories, they offer us a glimpse into the past – their past.

What can be more thrilling than that?


But not all of us are lucky enough to still have our grandparents with us.

And even if we do, with the whirlwind called life taking us places, we may not always have the time to sit down with them and listen to their stories.

Like those times when you realize that the last time you visited grandma was last Christmas.

Or when you’ve been meaning to call grandpa but keep forgetting.

Or those moments when you wish you had paid more attention when grandma was telling her childhood story.

We try our best to keep up!

So, what do we do when we yearn for that soothing warmth of a grandparent’s love and wisdom?

We dive into the beautiful world of books about grandparents, of course!

Best Books About Grandparents Your Kids WIll Love.

books about grandparents

In my curated selection, i present to you the top books that beautifully capture the essence of grandparent-grandchild relationships.

How to Babysit a Grandma and Grandpa Board Book Boxed Set

How to Babysit a Grandma and Grandpa Board Book Boxed Set

This adorable boxed set is a must-have for kids and their grandparents to bond and create lasting memories together.


  • Engaging and entertaining storyline
  • Cheerful and colorful illustrations
  • Durable board book format


  • Limited age range (Baby – 5 years)
  • Relatively short length (52 pages)
  • May not suit all styles of humor

We recently had the pleasure of reading the “How to Babysit a Grandma and Grandpa Board Book Boxed Set” with our little ones and can confidently say it’s a delightful addition to any family’s collection.

This two-book set is designed for children up to five years old, and the engaging storylines kept our kids captivated throughout.

As we flipped through the pages, our hearts were warmed by the colorful and charming illustrations.

Each image is filled with fun and happy moments between grandparents and their grandchildren, easily capturing the attention of little readers and transporting us into a world of imagination and adventure as we read along.

One possible drawback to consider, however, is that the set might not offer as much entertainment value for older children beyond the intended age range.

With a relatively short length of just 52 pages, the stories can be quickly finished, leaving us wanting more.

Additionally, while enjoyable for many, the humor may not resonate with every reader’s preferences.

Regardless, the “How to Babysit a Grandma and Grandpa Board Book Boxed Set” is perfect for creating lasting memories between our children and their grandparents.

The durable board book format ensures these stories will withstand the test of time (and eager little hands).

Overall, we highly recommend this delightful boxed set as a thoughtful gift for new grandparents or a charming addition to a child’s growing library.

All Grandparents Love Their Grandbabies

All Grandparents Love Their Grandbabies

All Grandparents Love Their Grandbabies is a heartfelt and educational read that both grandparents and grandchildren will enjoy.


  • Beautiful illustrations
  • Educational content about animals
  • Supports Animal Rescue Foundation


  • Limited to 36 pages
  • Not part of a larger series
  • May not appeal to older children

“All Grandparents Love Their Grandbabies”. We just finished this delightful read and, let me tell you, it hit us right in the feels.

A stunning tour through the animal kingdom showcasing the love between grandparents and their grandbabies – it’s like a warm hug wrapped in vibrant, life-filled illustrations.

Now, here’s the sweetest part.

Alongside the heart-tugging tales, it teaches your kiddos about different animals and their unique family dynamics.

Imagine their excitement learning that baby kangaroos are called joeys and the love kangaroo grandparents shower on them!

This makes it perfect for all you grandmas and grandpas hoping to kindle a love for animals in your grandkids while strengthening your bond with them.

Every purchase gives back – literally.

The folks at Give Back Books LLC have committed to donating a dollar from each sale to the Animal Rescue Foundation.

So, not only are we sharing love and lessons with our grandkids, but we’re also fostering a culture of giving.

How cool is that?

Now, it’s a bit of a short read with only 36 pages, so it might leave you wanting more.

Plus, it’s standalone, so there’s no series to dive into next. And while the illustrations are sure to captivate your younger grandkids, the older ones might find it a bit to childish.

But all in all, “All Grandparents Love Their Grandbabies” is a charming celebration of grandparent love, beautifully married with education and charity. A splendid read, really.

But hey, no book is one-size-fits-all, so consider the length and age-appropriateness before you dive in.

Now, which animal are you excited to learn about with your grandkids?

Grandparents Are Great! (The Berenstain Bears)

books about grand parents

A heartwarming and engaging book celebrating the special bond between grandparents and grandchildren that you should definitely consider for your collection.


  • Beautifully illustrated
  • Teaches valuable lessons
  • Perfect for ages 3-7


  • Two stories in one may be confusing
  • Not exclusively focused on grandparents
  • Slightly dated storyline

“Grandparents Are Great! (The Berenstain Bears)”. My friends, this gem of a book is a touching nod to us.

The grandparents and our irreplaceable roles in the lives of our little munchkins.

The vibrant, playful illustrations have a way of drawing you in, and trust me; they make the journey just as enjoyable for us grown-ups as for the kiddos.

The beauty of this book is that it weaves in some golden life lessons about family values, love, and support right into the story.

As the narrative unfolds, we see these adorable bear characters navigating new experiences and creating memories that’ll last a lifetime – something we all can relate to, right?

Nah, bro, these aren’t just tales; they’re tools shaping our grandkids as they blossom and confront new challenges.

Now, it’s suggested for our tiny readers aged between 3 and 7. From my experience, it’s spot-on!

The words are simple enough for our young readers to grasp and the story’s engaging enough to keep us adults hooked while reading it out loud.

However, let’s talk about a tiny hiccup – the book jostles between two separate stories, which could be a wee bit confusing for some.

You might think, “Shouldn’t it be just one grandparent-themed tale?”

Well, OK. I kinda agree with you there.

And the second story drifts a bit from the grandparent-grandkid relationship, which could be a deal-breaker for some.

Also, for those used to modern children’s literature, the storyline might feel a tad outdated.

But let’s not lose sight of the bigger picture here, folks. The overall message and the joy bundled within the pages of “Grandparents Are Great! (The Berenstain Bears)” shine through brilliantly!

So, to wrap it up, “Grandparents Are Great! (The Berenstain Bears)” is a delightfully engaging read that echoes the special bond between us and our grandkids while sprinkling some much-needed life lessons.

Sure, it has a few minor hitches, but overall, it deserves a proud spot on your kiddos’ bookshelf.

After all, what’s better than a book that fosters cherished memories across generations?

But hey, don’t forget, all kids are unique, so consider their age and interests before grabbing a book.

Want more options? Explore more books about grandparents here.

Why Share Books About Grandparents with Your Kids?

Ever wondered why books about grandparents have such a special place in our kiddos’ hearts?

They do much more than tell a tale – they bridge generations, foster empathy, and open the door to a deeper understanding of our roots.

Strengthening Family Ties: Ever had that heart-melting moment when your child says, “My grandpa did that too!” while reading a book? That’s the power of stories! By introducing our little ones to narratives that celebrate grandparents’ life stories, we are helping them weave that personal connection. It’s a gentle reminder that their grandparents have experiences shaping their unique worldview.

Cultural Kaleidoscope: Here’s the cool thing about grandparents – they’re a living, breathing connection to a different era, often a different culture! When kids discover these cultural differences through books, it’s like opening a magical window to diverse customs and traditions. They start to appreciate this beautiful tapestry of human experiences, which cultivates a more accepting and inclusive mindset.

Time Travel to the Past: What’s more exciting than a trip back in time?

Many stories about grandparents are laced with historical themes, giving kiddos a glimpse into how their family and society have evolved.

Trust me, these can lead to some eye-opening chats!

Building Empathy and Compassion: Sometimes, books about grandparents tread upon delicate topics – aging, illness, or loss. Not always the easiest themes, but oh-so-important! These narratives help children understand, on a deeper level, the challenges their grandparents might face. It’s like planting the seeds of empathy, that soon blossom into compassion for everyone around them.

Shared Emotional Journeys: Can I let you in on a secret? One of the best parts about reading together is the shared emotional roller-coaster – the giggles, the sniffles, the heart-tugs! It’s a bonding experience like no other, deepening the connection between family members.

In a nutshell, introducing our kids to books about grandparents is like handing them a magical key.

A key that unlocks profound conversations nurtures stronger bonds, and enriches their understanding of their family roots.

Remember, as they explore these narratives, they’re doing much more than just reading – they’re journeying through their family’s history, developing empathy, and broadening their worldview.

Now, that’s what I call a story with power!

Wrapping Up

These books are like little time capsules, ready to take you on a nostalgic journey, reigniting your connection with your beloved grandparents.

Now it’s your turn. Which book will you pick up first? Which story are you excited to share with your little one? Or maybe, do you have a favorite memory of your grandparents that you’d like to share?

Let me know in the comments below.

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