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Free Printable Circle Template Pack

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Get your free printable circle templates! Perfect for round shapes, outlines, and stencils for your next project, paper craft, and scrapbooking day. There are large circle templates all the way down to small 1/2″ circles. Also excellent for use with educational activities for kids!

If you’re looking for free printable circle templates, look no further. This free printable circle template pack includes 7 1/2-inch circles, 1/2-in circles, and several sizes in between!

You can use our 2″ template circles to make 2-inch round labels, use the mini ones to make polka dots, plus there’s even an extra large circle template should you need one!

The pages of circles to print are far more versatile and helpful than you realize at first glance!

preview of circle templates printable pages from The Moments At Home

Since becoming a mom with kids who love to craft (and dipping my own toes into the crafting pond), I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve googled things like “circle templates.”

After enough searching for the right sizes…be they for homemade coins for pretend play, DIY checker pieces, or labels…it was high time to create them!

Now there’s no need to try to draw a perfect circle or hunt down that compass to make one. Just pick the size of circle you want and use the appropriate template!

What Sizes Circle Template Printables Are Included?

When you get the free circle PDF template printables pack, you get the following pages:

  • 7.5 inch large circle template
  • 5 inch circle template page
  • 3.5 inch cicle template page
  • 3 inch circle template page
  • 2.5 inch circle template page
  • 2 inch circle template page
  • 1.5 inch circle template page
  • 1 inch circle template page
  • .5 inch circle template page

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What Can I Do With These Easy Circle Templates?

So. Many. Things.

We’ve used them for gift labels, printing them out on sticker paper and coloring them.

My kids used them in this easy 3D ladybug paper craft to get the circles just so…and told me how cool it was to have them! For them, I print them out on card stock, cut them out, and they use them for tracing patterns.

Really, just cutting practice, then having the kids decorate and glue them is fabulous. It’s great for motor skills.

We have also used them for labels on spice jars, mason jar lids, and other pantry labeling needs (again using them on sticker paper).

Another great use for these easy circle template printables is making paper Christmas ornaments to glue on cards, hang from the tree, and to give as gifts.

And, of course, there’s always classic scrapbooking uses!

How Do I Get My Free Circle Template Printables?

Simply click the image below and the free circle template printable pack will download directly to your device. Don’t worry, they’re completely free. That’s it…simply Print and Play!

preview of free printable circle templates from The Moments At Home

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