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A Healthy Mother’s Day Breakfast Made by Kids

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a healthy Mother's Day breakfast

A Healthy Mother’s Day Breakfast Made by Kids

Mother’s Day is coming up in a few weeks and making mom a healthy Mother’s Day breakfast in bed is a nice way to pamper her from the moment she wakes up. Kids can get in the kitchen and prepare healthy meals just like grown-ups! They can also learn about eating healthy while they’re prepping the food.

On the Menu for Mother’s Day

My kids helped me make a yummy layered fruit parfait, sunny orange slices and lemon water and I’m hoping they remember this cooking lesson when Mother’s Day rolls around. Hint hint. This is such a simple breakfast that even my preschoolers were in the kitchen measuring and learning with their tween brother and sister.

My older kids carefully sliced the orange and lemon while my younger kids helped measuring and stirring. They little ones loved sprinkling the berries between layers of yogurt and squeezing lemon into a glass of water.

mother's day breakfast

mother's day breakfast

mother's day breakfast

I let my kids eat this healthy breakfast themselves as a reward for all their hard work! We talked about the different food groups they were eating and how that is a healthy way to start their day. Greek yogurt is full of protein and dairy, berries and oranges can fulfill your daily serving of fruit, and lemon water is a refreshing start to the 64 oz. of water mom needs each day!

mother's day breakfast

Hopefully my kids remember to make this healthy Mother’s Day breakfast…I may even make this as a surprise for them one of these mornings!


mother's day breakfast

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  1. I love this idea! My oldest is just under 2 but already tried to get involved – I think it’s a great way to encourage healthy appetites!

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