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Books About Weather for Kids

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These books about weather for kids will not only teach them, but intrigue and captivate them. With weather books for preschoolers, kindergarteners, and elementary students, this book list is perfect for your weather unit studies…or just some good family reading fun!

Spring brings all sorts of weather and knowing if the day will be sunny or rainy can sometimes be unpredictable. Kids love to explore and learn about the world around them, and weather is especially fascinating!

You can see, hear, feel, and even sometimes smell and taste the weather. That makes it incredibly real and exciting for children. This fun list of weather books for kids is a mix of non-fiction books and fun fictional chapter books for school aged children.

photo of a preschooler with a weather book and a child with an umbrella and text "books about weather for kids" by The Moments At Home

In addition to reading about weather, you can do an easy at home project like this cool rain gauge, or you can use Pinterest to find fun, weather related activities for them. Teaching kids of different ages can be challenging, but weather is an easy subject to teach a wide range of ages. Make some clouds in a jar, explore weather in your area and create a learn at home weather unit with these books as your guide!

I’ve shared books about rain and books about wind for younger kids, and now it’s time for more weather books all the way through elementary school (although younger brothers and sisters will enjoy them, too)!

Books About Weather For Kids

I hope you enjoyed the list! What’s the weather at your house like today?

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  1. Awesome resources! Thanks for sharing. We’ve already done our weather unit recently, so I’ll definitely refer to this the next time we get around to it!

    1. Oh, Mama, I hear you! We started with daily reading time for 5 minutes a few times a day…then it was 7 minutes…then 10 minutes…and so on. Now, we could read to them for an hour a day and they’d beg for more!

      As they learn to love reading WITH you, they’ll then learn to enjoy reading on their own.

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