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100 Must Have Art Supplies for Preschool and Kindergarten

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Doing arts and crafts with kids is a great way for them to learn. But where do you start? What do you have on hand? Here’s a list of 100 awesome art supplies for preschool and kindergarten aged children, so you can craft to your heart’s content.

Arts and crafts help children express their creativity, problem solve, hone fine motor skills…and have fun. Doing crafts with your kids? A priceless way to create memories, strengthen bonds, and have lots of interesting conversations over sticky fingers, glittery messes, and unique creations.

When I was homeschooling my preschooler my favorite subject to teach was art and it’s still a favorite along with language arts. I’msure you’ve guessed that because the majority of my posts here are about book lists for kids and crafts for kids. I love helping kids be creative and embracing the magic that’s in books.

But sometimes you just don’t know what to have on hand for creativity to flow. Here are 100 art supplies you may want to have in your closet, for whenever inspiration strikes the heart of your little one or you have a rainy day of crafting at the table.

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100 Art Supplies for Preschool and Kindergarten Children

Paper Craft Supplies

1. Colorful Construction Paper for backgrounds, shapes cutting, and all sorts of projects.

2. Copy Paper for printing worksheets, coloring pages, and to use as drawing paper.

3. Watercolor Paper for the more serious art lessons.

4. Newspaper (or craft rolls of paper) to cover tabletops during messy projects, and for art and craft projects.

5. Contact Paper for sun catchers.

6. Tissue Paper for too many crafts to list!

7. Paper Bags

8. Index Cards for making small crafts and flash cards.

9. Scrapbook Paper for crafting.

10. Graphing Paper for counting, mosaic creation, and block coloring.

Supplies for Painting

11. Water Color Paints

12. Water Cups

13. Dish Cloth for cleaning brush between colors

14. Paper towels for cleaning brush between colors and clean up.

15. Washable Kids Paint

16. Finger Paints

17. Ink Pads for Fingerprint Art

18. Standard Paint Brushes

19. Cut Kitchen Sponges for Painting

20. No Spill Paint Cups

21. Paint Tray

22. Standing Easel

23. Tabletop Easel

24. Canvas for the more serious art lessons

25. Large Paint Brushes for Small Hands

26. Painting Smocks

27. Kwikstix Solid Tempera Paint

28. Sponge Painting Brushes and Rollers

29. Paint Pens for painting rocks, wood, and other surfaces

30. Cotton Balls

31. Clothes Pins to hold the cotton balls.

32. Q Tips for dot painting

33. Do a Dot Art! Markers

34. Watercolor Pencils

Supplies for Drawing and Coloring

35. Thick Markers

36. Thin Markers

37. Colored Pencils

38. Pastels

39. Charcoal

40. Graphite Pencil

41. Ruler

42. Stencils for Kids

43. Color Crayons

44. Eraser

45. Drawing Glove

46. Pencil Sharpener

Art Activity Books for Kids

47. Art Lab for Little Kids

48. Collage Workshop for Kids

49. The Drawing Book for Kids

50. Ed Emberley’s Complete Funprint Drawing Book

51. Drawing Book for Kids (Scratch Art)

52. Preschool Color and Activity Book

53. Cutting and Pasting Activity book

54. Melissa and Doug Scissor Skills and Tape Activity Books

55. Zoo Animals Dot-to-Dot

56. Drawing Journal: Primary Writing and Drawing Journal for Kids

57. Paint by Stickers

58. Paint by Stickers for Kids: Under the Sea

59. Modern Art Activity Book

60. Paint by Sticker Kids: Beautiful Bugs

61. Melissa and Doug on the Go Colorblast! No Mess Marker Book

Books about Artists and Art Technique for Younger Kids

62. Painting with Picasso

63. Sharing with Renoir

64. A Picnic with Monet

65. In the Garden with Van Gogh

66. A Magical Day with Matisse

67. 13 Art Techniques Children Should Know

68. Paint Lab for Kids

69. 3D Art Lab for Kids

70. Kids Art Works!

71. Recycled Craft Projects for Kids

Art Supplies for Developing Fine Motor Skills

72. Clay

73. Play Doh and Play Doh Tools

74. Scissors

75. Tweezers

76. Pipe Cleaners

77. Hole Punch

78. Beads

79. Strong stretchy string for cutting and stringing beads.

80. Ribbon for cutting

81. Slime

Miscellaneous Art Supplies

82. Cardboard Tubes

83. Coffee Filters

84. Tape

85. PomPoms

86. Decorative Scissors

87. Food Coloring

88. Wooden Craft Sticks

89. Glue Sticks

90. School Glue

91. Buttons

92. Stickers

93. Dry Erase Markers

94. Dry Erase Board

95. Chalk

96. Chalk Board

97. Google Eyes

98. Laminator

99. Feathers

100. Paper Plates

Whew! That’s a lot of art supplies! There are so many more I could list, these are the ones we’ve used and enjoyed…

Looking to get started with a single kit? Try this Busy Box from ALEX Toys.

100 must have art supplies for preschool and kindergarten children

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