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Gingerbread House Craft for Kids

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DIY gingerbread house for kids that lasts year after year! Decorate a gingerbread house.


DIY Gingerbread House Craft for Kids

This  gingerbread house craft for kids made from a wooden birdhouse is as cute as it gets! Add a little fun to your holiday decor by making a couple of these diy gingerbread houses and placing them on a table with a snow blanket! I’ve also created a similar gingerbread house with bling if you’d like a little glam in your holiday. These gingerbread houses last year after year and make a great diy gift!

DIY Gingerbread House Craft Supplies

We used only the snow textures and beads for our gingerbread houses but there are so many fun supplies that you can use for this Christmas craft! Sequins, different sized beads, glitter…the possiblilities are endless! Here are more ideas for decorating your gingerbread houses:

  • Large sequins for roof tiles
  • Chenille sticks to line the roof edges
  • Glitter paint for the perch
  • Rhinestones in the snow for sparkle

You can also adapt this craft for younger kids by setting out bright paint colors and having them decorate the houses with paint and then pressing sequins on the paint and sprinkling glitter over the wet paint. Once the paint dries the sequins and glitter should stay like they’ve been glued to the gingerbread house.


  1. Paint the birdhouse brown and let dry.
  2. Use a flat tool such as a butter knife to spread a thick layer of snow texture around the base of the house and on the front portion of the roof.
  3. Press the beads into the snow and let dry.

gingerbread house

You can hang your diy gingerbread houses on the Christmas tree or make a little gingerbread house village on a tabletop. Each gingerbread house will be unique and add Christmas cheer to your decor.


gingerbread house


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  1. Love love love this!!!! We never make ginger bread houses because my autistic daughter is NOT interested in the sticky mess. I bet she would love this!!

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