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Simple Gemstone Spider Craft for Kids

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Simple spider craft for kids. #easycraftsforkids

Gemstone Spider Craft for Kids

Today I’m sharing another simple craft for kids to go along with my new series. Like the other posts in this series, this gemstone spider craft for kids takes just a couple supplies and can be made by kids of many ages. We’re focusing on toddler and preschool aged kids with this post, but I’ll add tips for adapting this craft to fit older kids too.

A couple weeks ago I started going through my Halloween craft supplies and realized how many supplies go unused year after year. For that reason I decided to try making my crafts this year using only the supplies I already owned. No buying new supplies for kids Halloween crafts. I started with a simple fuzzy spider craft last week, and this week I’m sharing a cute gemstone spider craft. I’ll have more easy crafts to share so please sign up for my new Simple Crafts for Kids updates and you won’t miss a post! The email updates will feature one simple craft for kids to make each week starting in November. It should be a fun series!

simple spider craft for kids


That’s it! Two supplies.


Stick the gemstones on the spider to make scales, spots, eyes, or cover the entire piece of foam with stickers. Kids can make different patterns with colored gemstone stickers. For older kids use smaller gemstone stickers so they can make an intricate design. They may need tweezers to place tiny stones.

Simple spider craft for kids.

It can’t get any easier than this can it? Sometimes crafts for kids don’t need to be messy, expensive, or take several steps to complete. This is just a simple spider that kids can make sitting at the counter while you make dinner. Set them up at the coffee table while you catch up on a show or read a book.

Simple spider craft for kids.


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