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How to Make a Snowman Ornament

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Snowman Craft for Kids

It’s time for another Free Unit Study Friday and this week’s theme is snow, ice, and winter. These posts will give you a jump start in planning your winter activities with kids. Today I’m sharing a simple snowman craft. Hang your snowman in a window or on a tree to celebrate winter!



3 Wooden Craft Circles

1 Wooden Craft Stick

White Paint

Black Paint

Orange Paint

2  Pieces Each 4″ Red Yarn

Small Scrap of Black Paper


How to make a Snowman Ornament


  1. Paint the three wooden craft circles and wooden craft stick white. Let dry.
  2. Add an inch of black paint to one end of the stick.
  3. Paint a thin black stripe along the top of the smallest wooden circle.
  4. Glue the three circles to the painted side of the craft stick with the smallest on top near the black paint. The top of the craft stick and the thin stripe of black paint on the small circle are the snowman’s hat. Finish the hat by gluing a rectangular scrap of paper for the brim of the hat.
  5. Add a carrot nose using orange paint, and eyes and a mouth with the black paint. Add three dots as buttons to the center circle. Let the paint dry.
  6. Wrap one piece of the yarn around the snowman between the top circle and the middle circle. Knot in back once and again near the ends to form a loop for hanging the snowman. Use your second piece of string to make a scarf in the same spot where you wrapped the first piece of yarn. Tie a knot in front to finish the scarf.

snowman craft



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