Valentine’s Day Handprint Craft for Kids

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valentines day handprint craft for kids

Love is in the air!

I just love the pictures I see this time of year with kids forming a heart shape with their hands. I’ve created a cute way for us parents to keep that little heart forever with this Valentine’s Day heartprint craft for kids. This craft is part of the January Kids Craft Challenge. Join in by posting pictures of your own Valentine’s Day craft  in the Kid Craft Challenge Facebook Group!


Air Dry Clay

Craft Paint

Valentine's Day Handprint craft for kids

I decided to buy a tub of air dry craft clay to keep this craft extra simple,or you can make your own salt dough at home.

How to make the Valentine’s Day Handprint Craft for Kids

Rolling the clay into a ball and then flattening the clay is a great fine motor skills activity. Once your child has finished playing with the clay, have them flatten the ball into a round shape about 1/4″ in thickness.

Help your child shape their hands into a heart and press each hand down into the clay. Older kids may be able to hold the shape with both hands while you help them make the clay print, but I found that doing one hand at a time made things easier for my younger children.

Valentine's Day handprint craft for kids

If you plan to hang the heart with a ribbon, add a small hole with the end of a paintbrush to the top portion of the clay circle.

Valentine's Day handprint craft for kids


The handprint doesn’t always look much like a heart until the handprints are painted. If you’d like a more distinct heart shape, put your hands around the sides of the clay circle in a heart shape and squeeze the clay until the handprints are more defined. This adds your heart to the outside of the keepsake heart! Once the clay has dried, kids can paint their handprints. Paint inside the print with one color, and outside of the print with another to show off your child’s heart.


Valentine's Day handprint heart craft for kids

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