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The Ultimate List Of Summer Activities For Toddlers

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Summer is here and you have kids to keep happy; this list of summer activities for toddlers is just what you need. Filled with more than two dozen easy, free activities, your toddler is in for a summer of memorable fun!

Summer can throw a lot of parents into a whirlwind of overwhelm because the change in routine, the often oppressive heat, the longer sunshine filled hours, and shift in family dynamics can all contribute to mayhem.

But you can totally circumvent all that if you have a list of ideas to pull from. A simple activity each day will do a lot to keep your toddler happy and having fun this summer…and keep you sane.

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More Than 2 Dozen Fun & Easy Activities For Toddlers

  1. Outdoor Tea Party
  2. Rainbow Ooblek
  3. Shaving Cream Sensory Play
  4. Chalk Paint
  5. Finger Painting
  6. Homemade Finger Paint
  7. Finger Painting with Blackberries
  8. Painting Rocks
  9. Frozen Water Beads
  10. Make Sno Cones
  11. Color
  12. Make Bubbly Bear Popsicles
  13. Make a Fairy Garden
  14. Blow Bubbles With Homemade Bubble Wands
  15. Bowling (use old bottles or cans and a soft ball)
  16. Go Berry Picking
  17. Make A Garden Xylophone
  18. Ride a tricycle
  19. Run In The Sprinkler
  20. Put Puzzles Together
  21. Make Color Sand Patterns in a Bottle
  22. Paper Plate Crafts
  23. Spray Bottle Art
  24. Play In A Kiddie Pool
  25. Make Ice Cream Cones
  26. Catch Frogs and Release Them
  27. Go Butterfly Hunting
  28. Color Themed Scavenger Hunt
  29. Beach Themed Scavenger Hunt
  30. Make a Blanket Fort

For more summer ideas and books to read to go along with your summer toddler activities, check out these book-themed summer fun ideas.

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Tips For Having Fun With Toddlers

While things are different in the summer, here are a few tips for minimizing the chaos.


Your kids don’t need you to make elaborate, expensive, hard to execute plans. Simple is good…it makes your life easier so you’re more able to enjoy the activity.

And pro tip from a mom of 8? The more fun you’re having, the more fun your kids will have!


Even if all you do is pick something the night before, waking up with a general plan will help keep things moving slowly.


Even if the times you do things are different, keep the routine the same. Just because you wake up late, doesn’t mean you can’t still do the same things in the same order.

Routine is comforting for little ones, and helps keep the whole family on track.

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